Photoshop Image Masking Service

Image masking service is one of the best valuable and patient services in the photo editing service industry. If you want to remove the background from your complex image which contains a large number of outside hairs or any type of fur, you need to apply the image masking technique of photoshop.

Using the masking techniques are very important to getting the high-quality result of your complex images. Basically, image masking service provides a crafted transparency background with no changes in the expression of images.

Cut Out Expert, as a leading photo editor service provider, we offer our client image masking service for their photograph. We can deliver more than 1000 images per day.

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What is Image Masking Service?

In short, Photo masking is the best technique to remove the background of images. Most importantly, it is used to ensure that the shape of the photo is unchanged. Basically, Photoshop image masking and Clipping path service are quite similar.  We use both of them for removing the background from the image.

Normally, clipping path works well for the hard edge part of the object. In such settings, photo editors create outlines of the object and remove the background. But, these methods don’t work well in the object that contains hair, fur. Editors use a different technique for removing hair, fur portion’s background from the image.

However, photo masking service helps you to remove the background along with the exact shape and details image. It also corrects the distorted area of an image. To sum up, image masking is the most efficient and effective way to remove photos background that includes hair, fur.

Photoshop Image Masking Service Categories

Layer Masking

It allows you to buy a selection modifying the opacity of the layer.This technique is applied to use the soft and refined edge with pen tablet. And we use this to remove the background or isolate objects accurately. The advantage of layer masking is that it can be completed without permanent change of an image.

Alpha Channel Masking

A special type of channel use in photo editing software for saving selection. Alpha channel refers to the four alpha components of all pixels taken together as a whole. Each pixel has four components such as red, green, blue and alpha. Most importantly, the benefit of using alpha channel masking is that it would be in a position to select a single-color tone. Especially, it used in situations where colors are same or not clear.

Refine Edge Masking

Refine edge masking tool is used to make the soft edge instead of using quick selection tool. This tool makes hair, fur, furry doll, blanket, fabrics, animals, trees etc. images more attractive and natural.

Transparent Object Masking

Transparent object masking technique is excellent when you want to use your object on a different background. Therefore, this tool isolates the entire background of the photo then transferring the object into a new background. As a result, the object will be transparent or the color will be visible. For example, it is used in glass, car glass, glass of bottle, sun-glass etc.

Fur & Hair Masking

Fur and hair masking are more effective than clipping path on hair. It is used to separate hair or any type of fur from the background. For doing this, we use pen tablet tool for soft edge. As, it helps designer to change color, brightness, contrast, exposure correction etc. And make the objects natural.

Color Masking

Color masking permits us to use some basics of color theory. In other words, it gives you fine control of using pixel values on the screen. Generally, it is used to partition root images in 3d effects by applying colors.

First 5 images are free.

When do you need to Image Masking Service?

The Image masking service is needed in complicated things like hair or fur contain where clipping path service cannot be applied to remove the background of the images. When your images contain dim edge or lower opacity outside like as flying hair or any kind of fur then it is need to get the best result by taking image masking service. If the customer visits your website and can not see the edge of flying hair or fur clearly then the product will fail to attract the customer to buy the product. So, to increase your sales and enrich your profit, you need to get the image masking service. Cut Out Expert will provide you the best quality service of image masking service. You can get our other services like as Clipping Path Service, Background Removal Service, Neck Joint Service, Shadow Creation Service, Photo Retouching Service, Jewelry Retouching Service, E-commerce Photo Editing Service, Color Correction Service, Raster to Vector Conversion Service etc.

Why we are the best for Image Masking Service?

Basically, hair image masking needs more accuracy. So, we use pen tablet for applying the soft edge on hair, cloth, fur images. We provide this special and unique service for our customer. We have an expert team to use the pen tablet. Obviously, masking via pen tablet makes your images more professional and different from others.

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Quality and price are very important things about getting service. Cut Out Expert can be the best quality image masking service provider to you at the lowest price.We have an expert quality assurance team who will check every photo before the time of delivery.You can give us two sample to check our service quality. So, don’t waste your time, please place your order without any delay.

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