Which Photo Editing Software Is best
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Which Photo Editing Software Is Best In 2020 For Photographers

I think you are searching for which photo editing software is best. Photo Editing is a crucial task for every image relevant area. Image carries a great value nowadays. But photo looks gloomy without editing. For editing purpose, you must use editing software. So, you need to have a proper knowledge on photo editing software. Do you want to know what photo editing software is best? This is going to very helpful for you at this point.

If you are related with photo related stuff, you should be very careful about the software that you are using for editing. A professional photo editor can help you in numerous ways. It can help you to gather attention via image. You can call attention to your main object. In this post we will know about some best photo editing software. So, let’s start.

Which photo editing software is best for beginners in UK & US

Adobe lightroom
  1. Adobe lightroom

Adobe lightroom should be always there in your list when it comes about best photo editing software. This is a great image editing platform from Adobe Corporation. Its standard is very high. If you are looking for nice and simple photo editor then you will love Adobe lightroom. You can edit your image as like as you want. It has some fantastic editing option that will give you lots of flexibility. Allow me to mention some of these.

  • Photo organization with face detection
  • Correction based on Camera and Lens
  • Adjustment by brush and gradient
  • Tools to fix and blur
  • Various Filter
  • Adjustable Sliders
  • Syncing and Numerous device support

 So, this is a complete package for image editing. You can use this app for both professional and personal use. Many professional photographers across the world are using this software for their editing purpose and getting their benefit. Main specialty about this app is its simple and unique user interface. This software can give you an amazing experience about image editing.

Skylum Luminar

2. Skylum Luminar

The next app in our list is Skylum Luminar. It is another super application for photo editing. It was launched in 2010 by Luminar. It has grown rapidly to become one of the most favorite image editing tools. Many professional photographers prefer it. There are lots of reasons behind it.  One of this is you don’t need to pay subscription fee monthly. Luminar take one-time subscription fee. Then you can use it lifetime. One more interesting thing, 60 days money back option is also available. Let me inform you some key features.

  • Ai Editor
  • Customizable layers
  • Photo Layers
  • Committed presets for DJI ramble photographs
  • Different types of unique filter

The first feature that I mentioned above called “Ai editor”. This feature has made this app more popular. By using this feature, you can automatically fix your photo like Brightness control, tone and shadow etc adjustment. It’s another great specialty is its filter option. Its filters are so realistic.

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Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Photoshop

I know buddy you are waiting for it. It’s almost impossible to write about photo editing software without mentioning Adobe Photoshop. Perhaps it is the most popular photo editing software in the world. It was first launched in February 19, 1990. The rest is history. But I would like to say that, it is not the best choice for typical basic editing.  It is mainly designed for professional photo editing. Like Photoshop masking, photo manipulation, background change, copy and paste faces etc. It has lots of feature let me introduce some of these.

  • Both 2D and 3D design option
  • Numerous Filters
  • Lots of brush
  • Magic Wand Tools
  • Touch-up and retouch option
  • Lots of selection tools
  • Layers
  • Mask

When it comes about photo editing, you don’t have any option to complain against it. With this single app you can do all sorts of editing stuff. Now move to next one.


04. Gimp

Gimp is the 4th place in our list. It’s another simple and great photo editing software. You don’t need to deal with lots of complex way to download it.  It’s totally free. You can download it from Gimp website easily. It was first release in 1996. It is easy to install and use. You can use it in all operating system like Windows, Mac and Linux. Let’s have a look from its key features.

  • Retouching Feature
  • Touch up tools
  • Clone
  • Plug-Ins supported
  • Vignette
  • Photo Enhancement corrective mode

Keep in mind that it is a free app; It is a moderate app for photo editing. Its awesome features can help you with various photo editing options. All types of Image format like Jpg, png, jpeg, Gif, Tiff etc can be edited via this software. It also has a built-in file manager. So, it has lots of flexibility. If you are new to image editing field, you can start your image editing with Gimp. It has a wide range of features that can help you to edit photo professionally.

5. Corel Paint-Shop Pro

It is in the last but not the least. It is really a great photo editor. It was released in 1990. Gradually, it has become one of the most popular image editing platforms. If you are searching for simple and effective photo editing, Corel should be in your list. I want to inform you that Corel PaintShop Pro is paid software. You need to spend 60 dollars to purchase this. Do you want to know about its feature? Okay, I am narrating it.

  • 360° Image editing
  • Enhance Preset
  • User friendly interface
  • Graphics design capability
  • Blur
  • Photo Fix

When you see it at a first glance you might feel that it is an ordinary tool. But it provides everything that you need for image editing. Its fee is one time. You don’t need to pay any monthly subscription fee. There are lots of textures and background also. So, you can try this software.

That was our today’s review about best photo editing software. We have highlighted all the major point and specialty of specific apps. Now you need to decide what you want. Choose the Software that fulfill all of your criteria. Until then, bye.

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