How to remove shadow in photoshop
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How to remove shadow in photoshop [Some Easy Steps]

It seems you are willing to get rid of unwanted shadow in your picture. You are at the right page. By reading this post you will know how to remove shadow in Photoshop. What’s the delay then lets jump into the deep.

Shadow is a strange factor for a photo. If you place a shadow of an object properly it will give a pleasant look in your photo. But when shadow from another source fall on the object it makes the overall photo a pale and tired look.

From now on you don’t need to have bothered with these kinds of irritating shadows. Allow me to show you the procedure step by step.

 Basically, there are two types of methods that can remove shadow from photo in effective way. The first one is to customize the brightness and the second one is to fix the color.

I am going to show you how to remove shadows in Photoshop by fixing the brightness.

remove shadow in photoshop

Notice in this picture, shadow of the hand has spoiled the whole picture. Let’s fix it by changing the brightness.

Before we start the procedure of brightness change, you ought to know that you can’t do any change with color. You have to put the color aside.

That’s why go to the adjustment layer from the below followed by creating a solid color adjustment layer.

How to remove shadow in photoshop 02

Then pick the black color from solid color option. Then you will notice that the whole picture has become black. To make the picture visible in the black and white way go to this option and choose color.

How to remove shadow in photoshop 03

Then you will find the picture in this way. Now the procedure starts for removing the shadow. To do so, open the curves option from the adjustment layer. Read Some topics: “How To Change Background Color In Photoshop 4 Simple Methods

How to remove shadow in photoshop 04

After this change the curves line little down to make the shadows more visible to inspect them clearly.

How to remove shadow in photoshop 05

Now have a look at the picture the shadows are more visible here.

How to remove shadow in photoshop 06

It will make the procedure of removing shadow comfortable.

How to remove shadow in photoshop with example images

How to remove shadow in photoshop 07

Then you have to make a group of those two layers. For this operation click CTRL and the two layers followed CTRL+G. After this you will find that it has become a group. For convenience e in the further steps renames it as Luminosity as we have change luminosity here.

How to remove shadow in photoshop 08

After this go to the curves option once again by following the previous steps and set the line high from the middle like I have turned it in the picture above.

How to remove shadow in photoshop 09

After this go to the mask option and choose a brush form here. Take a soft brush and set the value-

How to remove shadow in photoshop 10

Then zoom in the picture and start erasing the shadow by clicking mouse over the shadows.

How to remove shadow in photoshop 11

Then carefully do it all over the picture. After this step, you have to go to the blending layer option by double clicking on the layer.

How to remove shadow in photoshop 12

Then you will notice blending option. At this point, you have to change the value of the underlying layer and make it lower.

How to remove shadow in photoshop 13

After setting it in this way, you will find soft shadow in the picture.

To fix those shadows, set the background color white and pick a soft with lower number of flow about to 15%.

How to remove shadow in photoshop 14

At this stage, work on the soft shadows with brush.

When there will be no spot of the shadow the picture is ready to save.

This see how the shadow has been removed by using this service.

Let me give you some tips and tricks that will help you to remove shadow from photo with ease:

  1. Without taking the solid color from the adjustmemnt layer it will be real tough for you to remove the shadow with perfection.
  2. Just changing the brightness and contrast will not give you accurate result. So, don’t depend on it.
  3. While working with curves in new layer don’t forget the make the selection inverse. Otherwise, the whole picture will become high in brightnes that will not be ideal for a proper result.
  4. Don’t set the flow too high while working on shadow. try to keep the value something between 5 to 15.
  5. Don’t work with shadow with hard brush it will make spot on the picture.
  6. Don’t set the opacity too low while erasing the shadow. basically, a lower number than 90 doesn’t provide an accurate result.

That’s the conclusion of our todays tutorial article about how to remove shadow in photoshop. Hope from now removing shadow is not a tough thing to do for you anymore.

Stay connected with CUT OUT EXPERT to for any types of photo editing service and query. Thanks everyone.

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