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Resolution is a key aspect of any image. We calculate it based on the number of pixels in a picture. Resolution is proportional to the quality of a picture. Higher the resolution, better the image looks. Pixelated images have very low resolution and ruin the appearance of a photograph. To avoid this, there is a simple option. Convert these pixelated images into higher resolution ones. This forms the basis of raster to vector service.

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What is raster and vector?

Raster and vector are types of image formats. They are as different as chalk and cheese. They have many fundamental differences.

  • Composition: Also referred to as bitmaps, we measure raster in pixels or dots per inch. Mathematical formulas dictate a vector image. They have paths and we draw them between co-ordinates.
  • Scale: In raster graphics, we need higher resolution for high quality images. This, thereby, increases the file size as well. The speciality of vector images is they can keep their form irrespective of the size. We can zoom in or zoom out a vector image without affecting its picture quality.
  • File size: Raster involves large files whereas vector consists of smaller file sizes.
  • Software:We use Photoshop and GIMP for raster graphics. For vector images, we have CorelDraw, Illustrator, Flash Animation, Macromedia Freehand and InkScape.
  • File type:We can save raster images in the following formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PSD, PDF, EPS. When it comes to vector images, we can store them in AI, CDR, SVG, EPS and PDF formats.
  • Editing: We can correct a raster image in detail. Vector photos have precise paths but we cannot edit them in detail.
  • Colours: Raster images deal with complex colours while vectors deal with solid ones.
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What does raster to vector service entail?

If we do not have a good quality raster image, the ideal solution is to convert into vector format. This ensures the picture quality is not compromised and gives better output. Raster images tend to break or get pixelated when we blow them out of proportion. That is not a concern for vector images. We can scale them indefinitely. Bitmap to vector conversion solves the picture quality issue. In this service, many prefer manual recreation over automated ones. Output is better when designers correct and convert the images in Illustrator.

How does raster to vector conversion work?

Raster to vector conversion is commonly called R2V. We convert from one format into another to edit the file without compromising on quality. It is mainly done using Adobe Illustrator. For photos, many prefer raster images. Vectors have an upper hand in artworks, logos, embroidery, engravings and illustration. It is mainly used to create 2D, 3D and CAD design. For commercial and industrial purpose, many opt for vectors. It’s easier as they comprise lines, shapes and curves.

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Vectorization services

It is also called vector tracing or vector artwork. If you want to print anything on a large scale, choose vector. We can easily convert JPG and PNG files to vector. Vectorization services are as follows:

  • Basic conversion: As the name suggests, this converts a raster image into vector The existing raster image should be of good quality. So it does not need much editing. We can complete it within a short span of time.
  • Vector drawing: This applies to those who have no image or pixelated raster images. Graphic designers trace the entire image. Once they complete the drawing, they give it to you in vector format. It can be line drawing, artwork, interior plans, map drawing or product drawing. CAD drawing or floor plan drawing is also available with some experts.
  • Designing a logo: Logos usually deal with shapes and lines, so vector is the best bet. We can either design a new logo or convert the raster logo into high quality vector logo.

What are the advantages of vector images?

Digital or print, many platforms prefer to use vector images. Another term for vector images is print ready images. Vectors have no size restrictions. It also enhances the visual appeal of an image and gives more clarity. They avoid distortion of an image. It is very easy to create and edit a vector image. Aesthetically speaking, it is more pleasing the eyes. It plays a key role when it comes to presentation, detailed illustration or animation. Here, vector images generate an unparalleled impact.

Who Prefer Using This Service? Vector Conversion Service Explanation

  • Vector images replace raster when it comes to designing logos. They are easy to work with and image quality remains unchanged. Even if we have to blow up the logo, a vector image retains the same picture quality.
  • Business firms deal with big banners and hoardings. So they choose raster to vector service. Vectors provide them with high quality output. It is also profitable as it attracts more customers.
  • Advertisement agencies, e-commerce website and printing press also avail this service.
  • In engineering, many prefer vector drawings for their precision. We can systematically maintain these drawings. They are also easy to share on digital platforms.
Raster to Vector Service

Hand-drawn Vector Illustration & Raster to Vector Conversion Service

Why Should You Go To a Professionals?

Many websites assure you of converting raster to vector within a minute. Do not fall prey. These outputs are usually awful. It is better to approach a professional to ensure the image output and quality is satisfying. The conversion process involves many minute modifications and techniques. So always choose a professional over automated software online. Experts also trace out paths of raster images and provide you with unique vector images. These services are budget friendly. We can get good work by paying a reasonable amount.

Think big, think vector. That’s how it works. Don’t waste time and head to the best raster to vector service in your neighborhood. You are bound to get a great output within your budget. It’s time to move from raster to vector.




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