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7 Steps To Follow For Great Product Photo Ideas [Best Tips]

Photo is one of the most significant elements when it comes about online business. Great product photos are one of the main factors that play the role of driving potential customer. The importance is sometimes higher than the excellence of the product. Cause, viewers will make judgment of the product according to the view. They don’t have the option to inspect it manually. Only 7 steps you known better product photo ideas for your business.
So, you have to play the trick with the photos. So, what kinds of trick you can apply?
I am going to describe about this in this article. Read it till the end and know secretes of how to make product photos to look great.

product photo ideas

Drive lots of probable buyers in in your site by executing these procedures.
Without making any delay lets dive into the main content.

#01.Picking the background Right

product photo ideas 02

Background is such a term it can be compared as pillar for a picture. It’s the foundation of product photography. For bringing a perfect look in any kinds of picture it always plays a vital role. So, making mistake at this point can effect badly in your e-commerce business. There is no respite to say the importance of picking the appropriate background for a photo.
Point to be noted here that, appropriate background doesn’t mean interesting background always. Because, when you are dealing with product related business your target is to try to grab the focus of the audience towards your product. Then you can make them your probable customer.

Product photo ideas best photography techniques

product photo ideas

For product photos it’s better to use white background or transparent background. Typical normal background can be the reason of interruption for its viewers. That’s why placing a white background will ensure the concentration if the viewer’s directly on the photo cause there is nothing extra to disturb the focus.
There are two ways to get white background for transparent background. You can set white foundation manually behind the item or you can set it later by applying background removal service.
That’s the first mandatory things to follow for a great product photo. Let’s move to the next topic.
#02.Product Photo Retouching
There is huge competition at E-commerce in 2019. You can’t rely on one technique only. After make the background right you have to focus on your product.

Product photo ideas | product photography ideas for beginners

Retouching the product photo will fix the errors that you have done while photography. I am not blaming you. It is impossible to get perfect photo because camera doesn’t have the power to deliver original photo.
That’s why untouched photos are not the right option to use for commercial business at all. Allow me to give you a short idea about the function of retouching.
Retouching is like the final polishing touch for a photo. It makes the photo ready for distributing by making the color correction, dodge & burb fixing, spot erasing, DPI correction, adding border etc.
If you want to apply one thing in your e-commerce product photo you should apply this technique.
#03.Shadow Creation
Who doesn’t love to try something special? It is some sorts of technique that is special for product photo. It is not a mandatory technique to apply. But this is a great way to make an object really attractive to see.
You can put shadow naturally behind the object but it is tough to place it accurately. That’s why; creating a shadow in Photoshop is an effective way. There are three types of shadows to add with product photos. Those are Drop shadow, reflection shadow and natural shadow.
Putting a shadow in front of a white foundation is a mesmerizing combination for a great product photo. It will make the item more realistic and it will get the ability to attract the viewer’s powerfully.
Why you are making delay to apply this?
#04.Color Correction
It is another effective procedure to apply for product photos. As I have mentioned above camera is not sufficient enough to give the proper look. For various types of external cause there are always some sorts of issues remain with color. That’s the point where color correction plays the role.
With this technique you are able to fix any types of issues with color. In this technique, specific portion or complete photo’s color can be changed, removed or replaced. That sounds good right?
Moreover, people who are searching for verities it can be a great solution for those. With this technique it is possible to present a similar photo in different color. So, if you have a product of different color, you don’t need to make your photo-shoot session longer by taking each and every single shot. In spite of that you have the option to take a singular shot and then you can present it in each of the containing colors. It will reduce the expense of taking extra photos.
Alongside these, sometimes there are light and shadow makes an issue to concern but not anymore. Simple apply the technique of color correction take the full advantage of it.
#05.Neck Joint
This technique is only for clothing product photos. If you are involved with cloth related business I would suggest you to use this service and see the wilderness.
With this service you will be able to display your clothing product fully. If you are using mannequins to showcase your product then you are following a wrong path.
Neck joint technique is the procedure of displaying clothing item in a way it looks like someone invisible is wearing the dress. Some people called it as Ghost mannequin service.
You will get two types of benefits for this product. You don’t have to bear the expense of hiring model for photography. Beside that you will be able to display the product in more attractive way. What can be a better thing than that?
That’s the procedure to follow while you are capturing the photo. You should use tripods while taking photo. This may sound simple but in actually it’s really affective. Specifically when you are approaching with DIY procedure you should consider tripods as mandatory. Otherwise, you are going to end up with unexpected capture.
The first thing is to maintain consistency. At the time of taking numerous product photos you may have to maintain a specific height and distance for consistency. A tripod will play a crucial role here.
Another good thing it will avoid shaking that is a concern for new photographer. Shaking while capturing photo will never produce you a good result what so ever.
That’s why it’s obvious to use even for professionals.
#07.Save Pictures in Raw File [The End]
Don’t made mistakes like lots of people do when it comes about picture type. Always save the pictures in raw file.
It keeps all information of the pictures.
It will help editors to edit the photos in perfect way. As we you are going to perform post processing work you should obviously keep the image in RAW. Then it will be possible to edit the photos in most perfect ways as it exist all information of the picture properly.
That was 7 steps to follow for great product photo. Thanks for reading.

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