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Thousands of products flood the market every year. Be it on digital platform or store outlets, choices are abundant. Sellers need to be spot on to lure customers to their side. They indulge in many marketing gimmicks to improve sales. Making their products look attractive is top priority. Product photo editing service provides them with an appropriate solution.

What Does This Service Entail?

Photographing a product is a challenging task. It should be eye-catching and grab eyeballs at the same time. Photographers face many limitations and turn to product photo editing service for rescue. This rectifies their mistakes and makes a product stand out from the rest. Designers use Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to make the edits.

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Techniques Used In This Service?

  • Background correction: Many e-commerce websites prefer a transparent or white background. We can remove the background or add effects to enhance the product’s look.
  • Mannequin effect: Photos of clothes mannequins give a better picture. Designers can trace out a ghost mannequin. They can also remove the mannequin to display the product alone.
  • Clipping path: Traces out perfect product outline. Can extract it and place it in front of any background. Suitable for same product available in different colors.
  • Shadows: Adds depth to the product. Gives a realistic feel. Includes drop, original, realistic, cast and customer specific shadows. Makes it appealing.
  • Color correction: Adjusts the shade, restores color balance. Fine-tunes brightness and contrast. Provides product with perfect lighting.
  • Adding reflection: Gives the feel that the product is placed on a table or floor. This effect ensures product is not flying in the background.
  • Photo retouching: Makes a product shine. Rectifies errors and makes a product look flawless.
  • Image Masking: Makes the product come alive. Uses masking techniques such as layer, transparency and alpha channel. Customer gets an impression that he is looking at a live product, not a digital image.
  • Custom cropping/Resizing: Removes unwanted elements from a photo. Provides customized image dimension, size and file format.
  • Photo cleaning: Removes dust, scratches and fingerprints from an image. Makes your product spotless.
  • Image compositing: Puts together many images in one frame. They shoot it separately and combine it during editing.

Why Should You Use Professional Product Image Editing Service?

Photos on e-commerce websites and advertisements influence a customer’s choice. They can make or break a product. It’s essential to highlight a product’s USP through its image. Professionals convert window shoppers to actual buyers through strong visuals. They fix all errors in an image and ensure your ledger book displays profit.

Some Photography & Editing Tips That You may Try Yourself:

Some tips you follow,

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