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If you are new into the world of digital photography, then, that’s very incredible. Basically, there are photography tips and tricks that I believe everyone who develops an interest in photography should get to learn, so, I’ve decided to put together the best photography tips for beginners.

When we talk about the best photography tips, we are basically referring to the crème de la crème of photography. Moreover, if you’re looking to stand out as a photographer, especially as a beginner, you must be ready to do what it takes to get high ratings at what you do.

Therefore, this article focus on the best photography tips for beginners, so, take a dive as we explore what every photographer needs to know –


When we talk about digital photography, capturing light comes to our minds. Most rookies tend to believe that the body of the camera creates the magic. What really creates the magic is light. It is possible to capture the subject that is well lit poorly but remember that its subject which is poorly lit cannot look amazing ever. For our very first photography tips, the trick that can help you to capture light appropriately is to understand what we call the exposure triangle.

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As you try to capture a photo, the shutter of your camera opens and light begins to get in via its lens. On contact with the camera sensor, the light is processed into an image. This process has a link with three factors which are the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO

The Aperture

The aperture describes the size of the opening of the lens. We measure it in f-stops (f/5, f/12, and more). As the number decreases, the aperture gets wider and this enables the entry of more light. The size of the aperture influences field depth too

Shutter Speed

This refers to the amount of time which the shutter stays open and we measure it in seconds. Slower shutter speed will enable more light to enter. Shutter speed, also, influences motion sensitivity.


This describes the level of sensitivity of the sensor with respect to light. We measure it in ISO units. if your camera has a high ISO, you’ll be able to capture pictures even in dark situations but may have to deal with noise which is the reason that pictures which are captured in dark places usually have spots.

With respect to the above-mentioned factors, one of the best photography tips is that you take courses on the exposure triangle in order to master all three of them. This will enable you to capture the best photos.

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Next on our photography tips and tricks is to teach you how professionals in digital photography hold a camera. It is important that you get the best photography tips on holding your camera appropriately so that your camera stays steady and doesn’t shake.

As you take a photo with your camera, your shutter opens causing the sensor to let light in. At this point, moving your camera will cause the smearing of light across your camera sensor and this will lead to a photo with a blur. If you do not move, your camera will not shake

beginners photography tips

For the photography tips and tricks to keep your camera steady, what you need to do is position your hands in a way that they stay close enough to your body. That way, you keep them stabilized by your core. Therefore, doing this will help to reduce the shape of your camera and will help to retain the sharpness of your photos.

Then again, making use of a tripod is, also, one of the few photography tips for the best digital photography. Tripods help to ensure that your short is stable and free from blood. It is important that you buy a quality tripod.


Here’s another one for beginners on photography tips and tricks. Capturing a photo from a level is probably the worst strategy, especially, if you want a photo that is inspiring. This angle is very familiar with virtually every person since this is how humans mostly connect with the world around them each day. We will say that this angle is ordinary and boring.

Therefore, one of our digital photography tips with respect to perspective is to shoot your photos from an entirely different vantage. Here are some of the best photography tips on shooting –

  • Change your elevation. For instance, you could try to go lower so that you are near to the floor.
  • Alter your angle. For instance, try to take a skewed camera shot from the side.
  • Tweak the distance. You could try to get close or go a little bit far away from the target.
  • Try to combine all three of them.


This time on our list for digital photography tips and tricks, we will educate you on post-processing. Most of the time, beginners in photography usually understand post-processing to be the altering of a photo by using filters or photo effects.

Therefore, with this misunderstanding, photographers tend to take an oath not to touch up their photos but simply stick to just natural photos alone. The intentions here seem quite normal but only arises from a misunderstanding of digital cameras.

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One secret is that all cameras carry out some form of post processing without your knowledge. It captures data as a raw file and when you take a look at the LCD screen of your camera, what you get to see is how your camera has interpreted the raw data.

Well, another photography for beginner tips is to have the post-processing done by yourself since your camera may not really grasp what your vision is. Of course, it is not necessary that every post-processing have a photoshopped look. Post processing is just like applying a cosmetic touch-up but many photographers tend to overdo it.

photography tips for beginners

Post processing can, also, be too heavily applied or you could overdo it too. Sometimes it could be done intentionally as a way of adding style or subtly in order to enhance just a few features. The bottom line here is that you should post-process your pictures and this skill is very vital.

When you begin to post-process your pictures, you will develop to a point in digital photography where you will notice that the shots which you capture appear like something is always missing. Post-processing is that something.


So that’s it on photography tips and tricks in digital photography. As a beginner in the field of photography, your very first pictures may not be the best always. You might how to continuously shoot lots of photos before you eventually find one that you appreciate.

However, no matter how bad the photos that you capture are, with these best photography tips, you will steadily work your way to being a great photographer. Regularly practicing and applying photography tips and tricks will help you to get to know your equipment more and find the best settings that match your vision and perception


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