Professional Photo Manipulation Services

Technology ensures nothing is impossible in today’s world. It can make a normal person look dapper. A perfect image is not a distant dream. Poor lighting, amateur photographers, ordinary cameras are not problems anymore. We can resolve it using photo manipulation service.

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What Does Image Manipulation Entail?

“It’s not what it appears to be.” We have heard this phrase many a times. That’s what an image manipulation service does. It modifies an existing image as per our requirements. We process the image using various techniques and software. Picture manipulation can completely transform a photo and enhance its appearance. Using photo manipulation we can also combine two pictures into one.

What are the other terms for image manipulation service?

Image manipulation changes the way a photo looks. It comes under various names such as:

  • Photo processing
  • Image editing
  • Photo enhancement
  • Photoshopping
  • Photo manipulation
  • Post processing
Photo Manipulation Services

What Are The Techniques Used This Service?


Altering an image is not as easy as it sounds. It requires precision and perfection to play around with a picture. Picture manipulation involves some simple and complex techniques. These are user friendly. We can do it with basic knowledge of image manipulation.

Simple Techniques:

Cropping a picture: Most basic technique of photo manipulation. It helps us remove unwanted parts of an image. It highlights the important aspect. We can also resize an image as per our need.

Rotating images: Aligning an image. We can change the position of an image by turning it upside down or towards left or right.

Adjusting color: We can increase or decrease saturation and vibrancy of an image.
Brightness & contrast: Adjusting the light levels of an image. We can make it dark or light. Gives us clarity.

Complex Techniques:

This requires expertise and proper training. Professional software like Adobe Photoshop comes into play. This technique includes:

Blending: This refers to merging or combining of two or more images. We can take the subject from one picture and background from another. This is then blended into a single image.

Clipping path: Relates to removing part of an image. Designers trace a clipping path. They extract that particular part and place it elsewhere.

Background processing: We can add or remove the background of an image. We can also include elements that are missing in the background.

Adding special effects: Refers to inserting extra elements into a picture. This changes the mood or feel of an image. For example, adding snow for winter effect.

Overlays: This involves adding text or placing an image over another. We can also place a missing person in a picture by overlaying their image.

Masking: Hides a particular part of an image.

Red-eye removal: Due to variations in lighting, we can see a red spot in our images. This is specific to the eye region of a person or animal. With this technique, we restore the original color of the eye.

Converting into sketches: We can transform our photographs into pencil sketches or cartoons. Use the sketch tool available in software. Else, go to a professional. The designers trace it out and add touches to it.


Bulk Services Discount

15 Off

Discount for single order who orders from 40-100 photos.

30 Off

Discount during a month who orders from 101-1000 photos.

40 Off

discount for all order during a month who orders from 1000-3000 photos.

If you still have questions about the volume discounts or want to receive them – mail us or write in the chat box.

Digital Photo Manipulation

This comprises two basic variations – Technical and Creative. In technical retouching, we adjust all basic aspects of an image. We increase or decrease color levels, improve sharpness or crop the picture. In creative correction, graphic designers let their creative juices flow. This involves merging images, adding extra elements or working with background. This process is time consuming. It’s better to do it under expert supervision.

  • Magazines: use image manipulation technique for their cover photographs. They also use it for photo features and cover story pictures. Another common usage of photo manipulation is in music album covers or movie posters.
  • E-commerce websites: prefer image manipulation to make their products look more appealing. This process helps them focus on the product and removes excess noise from an image. Such images grab eyeballs and increase their sales. disturbance background be distracting. It can take the attention away from the customers. In most product displays, they use white as the background color.
  • Advertisement: is another sector that uses picture manipulation. They transform the images put up on billboards, newspapers, hoardings and magazines. They add more drama to the picture to make it stand out. This attracts the attention of consumers.
  • Wedding photographers outsource image manipulation: to make albums look attractive. This saves them ample time. We can manipulate pictures of bride and groom; add different backgrounds and so on.

People seek this service to get customized gifts for their loved ones. Many shops offer custom-made products with our pictures on them. They manipulate the selected images and place them on our chosen gift. This includes photo pillows, photo key chains, and customized wall clocks to name a few. Real estate businesses also approach photo manipulation service providers. It’s essential to make their buildings looks attractive. It creates goodwill and promotes their upcoming projects.

In portrait photography, this service involves touching up of skin, removing blemishes. It can make you look very attractive and can be deceptive at the same time. Many professionals help us restore old, faded photographs using this technique. They fix the photo and make it look brand new.


It’s always better to seek professional help when it comes to image manipulation. We usually have access to basic software that offers limited options. Professionals are well versed in Photoshop and Creative Suite. They help us recreate our ideas and bring the picture to life. Experts assure you of high quality images. They also work in different picture formats like JPEG, TIFF, RAW, PNG and so on. Experts also provide round-the-clock service at affordable prices. They also take up high volumes and deliver it in a short span of time.

We must remember to stay ethical while using image manipulation. In free online image manipulation service, there’s a risk. They can misuse our photographs or use it for unethical purpose. We can avoid this by going to a professional.




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