Product Photo Editing

Thousands of products flood the market every year. Be it on digital platform or store outlets, choices are abundant. Sellers need to be spot on to lure customers to their side. They indulge in many marketing gimmicks to improve sales. Making their products look attractive is top priority. Product photo editing service provides them with an appropriate solution.

Jewelary Retouching BeforeJewelary Retouching After

Jewellery Photo Editing

Jewelry is like a crowning glory. It makes one look attractive. So, it should look attractive by itself. This adds extra pressure on a photographer to make a piece of Jewelry stand out. That’s when jewellery photo editing service comes to his rescue. Product photography, especially jewellery, is a complex task. 


Mannequin Photo Editing

E-commerce has brought people closer worldwide. Brands have crossed boundaries and are available in every nook and corner. Fashion industry has seen a boom, thanks to e-commerce. Shopping clothes online has become a modern trend. Competition is on the rise. Suppliers have added pressure to promote their products.

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Wedding Photo Editing

We all want our wedding photographs to be perfect. They carry memories of a lifetime and are images for the ages. Capturing the moments is important. Wedding photo editing is a step further. This service plays a crucial role. It helps you to rectify imperfections and elevates your pictures. To err is human. We face different problems during a wedding photo shoot.


Real Estate Photo Editing

Buying a property is a click away. Many investors check out properties online before finalizing a deal. The pictures must attract and convince prospective buyers. Real estate photo editing service ensures your property looks at its selling best. Be it land, building or any piece of architecture. Enhancing its look is only a click away.


Landscape Photo Editing

Nature is mesmerizing by itself. It has its own character. When we put a frame to it, we get a landscape. Photographers find it challenging to capture a landscape in all its glory. Nature is complex and pictures of landscapes have many intricate details. Landscape photo editing service helps us to make these landscapes look picture perfect.


Portrait Photo Editing

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Every person has his own perspective on what is beautiful. There’s one common thread that links them all. Every person wants to look attractive. Portraits put a person’s face and expression in the spotlight. Whether it’s a portrait shot by a professional or our profile picture, we yearn to look good.


Instagram Photo Editing

Social media has become a part and parcel of our life. We cannot evade it, nor can we stay away from it. Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms online. It has over a billion subscribers. On the outside, it looks like a simple photo sharing application. Yet, it has many layers to it. We all want to look attractive in our photographs.


Newborn Photo Editing

Kids are difficult to deal with. It’s more challenging when it comes to newborn babies. They are too tender and we have to deal with them with utmost care. Photographing an infant requires oodles of patience. They have to wait patiently to capture the right moment. It’s not easy to get a perfect picture. Photographing newborns has it own limitations.

Best Photo Editing Services

Most people are not brilliant photographers. They may use state-of-the-art cameras or camera-toting smartphones to take pictures. But usually, the photos need quite a bit of editing and people need help with it. That’s why professional photo editing services has become very popular.

What does photo editing service entail?

The definition of photo editing service or photoshop service is simple. It is a process of altering an image. It can be done offline, using manual methods or online, using automated software. There are various techniques involved in photo editing services.

What are the other terms for photo editing service?

The most used alternative for photo editing is image editing. Other terms to describe this service include:

  • post-processing
  • manipulation of photos or images
  • enhancement of photos or images

As one of the common software used to process this is photoshop, it is also known as photoshop services.

Female leather bag-background removal service beforeFemale leather bag-background removal service 2

Different Types of Image Editing Service Available

Simple technique

Background removal – This is one of the basic photo editing services online. Here, the background removed from an image isolating the subject.

Color adjustment – This is done when you need to adjust the color of the whole photograph or some part of it.

Contrast – This photo editing service is used to sharpen the quality of a photo.

Exposure – In this process, adjustments are made to the brightness of the photo.

Lens correction – If the camera lens was not adjusted when the photo was taken, the image may need some altering. This technique is then used to make the necessary corrections.

Resizing and cropping – This is a very basic tool that photoshop services. It comes in use when the dimensions of the image need adjusting.

Complex technique

Clipping path – This is one of the most popular photoshop services online. This process is used when a subject or an element from an image needs to be extracted.

Drop and reflection shadow – Creating or adjusting the shadows in a photo is an important aspect. This process can help to accomplish such editing needs.

Photo masking – Sometimes, photo editing service needs to hide or reveal some layers or some particular part of an image. This is the technique to get that effect.

Photo stitching – In this process, two different photos are edited seamlessly to make it appear as a single image.

Portrait correction – This technique is used when the photo of a person needs to be altered to correct the complexion color.

Special effects – This is a popular photoshop service online with broad applications. Here, animations or images like weather conditions can be added to enhance picture quality and effect.

What are Digital Photo Editing service?

Photo Editing Service

Apart from the above list, online photo editing service also have two digital photo editing methods that are popular.

  • Pixel editing – In this process, the editing of a photo takes place at the image level. As the pixels get changed in this process, it is difficult to reverse the changes. This technique comes into use when there are extremely detailed editing tasks to be done and a permanent change in the image does not matter.
  • Parametric image editing – Popularly called PIE, this photo editing service does not alter the pixels. It is a non-destructive editing method, so can be easily undone if needed. It entails a series of editing steps to get the final edited version of an image. Compared to pixel editing, there are some limitations to the parametric image edit method as it cannot do some of the detailed edit functions.

Why Would I Need a Professional?

Today, photo editing and photography go hand in hand. Even professional photographers use photo editing software and applications to perfect their shots. With digital innovation and technology easily available, anyone can download or buy a similar tool to touch up the images themselves. Yet, the need for a photo editing service online cannot be emphasized enough.

It is a personal choice if you want to engage the services of an expert editor for your photos or do the editing yourself. But you can always engage professional help if you want the expertise of someone who knows what to do and how to do it well. And, if your image editing needs are for commercial purposes, do-it-yourself photoshop services is not a smart choice.

Marketing companies doing advertisement campaigns and e-commerce businesses are in regular need of online photo editing services. Sometimes, photo editing in bulk is needed by business catering to online marketplaces. In some cases, there are set specifications of edited images that must conform to the policy of uploading product photos for online sales. In all these scenarios, a professional photo editing service is a great help.

Jewelry Retouching2Jewelry Retouching

What Are The Points to Note For Outsourcing?

  • If you are planning to outsource your photo editing service requirements, the first thing to do is to research all service providers near you.
  • Many service providers offer a free trial of sample images so that you know the quality of their photoshop editing services online. Checking their claim of expertise before placing final order can be helpful.
  • It is useful to know if they can handle bulk order processing and if they offer premium rush services, should you need it.
  • Most companies showcase testimonials from customers. Checking these can give an idea if the company has the necessary experience and provide the quality of service that you expect.
  • As mentioned, photo editing service can entail simple as well as complex procedures. You should check out the rate card well in advance before placing your order. Also, the timeliness of delivery is a crucial factor that you should consider before selecting a company.
  • Photo editing can be a laborious task and need finesse in working it. It is advisable to call in professional help from a photo editing service company if you want to get a beautiful finished image with least fuss. And if this is for your online business and not personal needs, a professional eCommerce photo editing service is the ideal solution.




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