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Best Photo Editing For Amazon 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A company that used to sell books and music videos in the 90’s today it has become world’s one of the largest E-commerce platform. In 2018, its total revenue was 232.9 billion. More than 300000 billion sellers are connected with Amazon. Are you one of them? Today you are going to know about the most significant fact for Amazon its none other than Photo.  We brief discuss A to Z, about photo editing for amazon.

There is a saying, “One image says more than thousand words”. Image is the most important thing when it is about Amazon. Images that are utilizing for Amazon does it value more than thousand words? Photo is the main thing that plays a crucial role to upturn and drop conversion rate.

Do you need to build your transformation rate with the proper use of Amazon product image Requirements? Then this article is going to be massively helpful for you. In this article, you are going to know about Amazon image requirement, Amazon product photography and specifications for image, how you can customize Product Photo according to Amazon Image Requirements and much more valuable information related to amazon. Without any more delay let’s get started.

Permit me to twitch with the technical requirements for Amazon product Photo. Especially the beginners always ask this question, what are the recommended specifications for Amazon? You will find all of your answers after reading this section. 

Supported File Format

The first question that people asks about Amazon is the file format.   Many people want to know the appropriate file format of Amazon. According to amazon image requirement, four types of file layout are supported in amazon. Those are TIFF, JPEG, GIF and PNG

Color Mode

Color Mode is the next thing to concern. RGB and CMYK are preferable to use for Amazon image. Basically, Gray-scale and Bitmap Mode are not supported in amazon. But gray-scale mode is accepted when it denotes the product properly like silver product. Somebody also asked about indexed color. Indexed color is not accepted in amazon as it can’t provide enough information. So, you should choose between RGB and CMYK.

File Name

Amazon also set rules about the file name. Product specifies should contain in the file name. Here product specification means Amazon ASIN, ISBN 13- Digit Code and others number like EAN, UPC and EAN.  Don’t forget to set the right extension.

Sometimes, you are doing everything right but still your product is not appearing online? Check whether is there any spaces, dashes or extra character in the file name. Amazon is very strict at this case. These can be the cause why your product is not visible online.

That is not the all. Amazon has some specific standards for product image. Permit me to narrate these rules.

Photo Editing For Amazon Standards for Product Image

Professional Photograph

The photo that you are going to use should be taken professionally. The picture should display the product that you are going to sell properly. Any kind of drawing or manipulation is strictly prohibited.

No Confusing Objects

In the product photo, you can’t use any kinds of Confusing Objects. Don’t need to use any kinds of unnecessary item in your photo. It is never good to make the viewer’s confuse. The more confuse they become, the more harmful for you. So, it is better to avoid confusing elements.

Object in Focus

The main focus in your image should be the object that one is going to sell. It should be presented in their original look, any kinds of hard edges is strictly restricted. Realistic color is also necessary. Any type of manipulation with color is extremely prohibited.

Fill the Frame

The products that you are going to sell your product width should fill at least 85% of the main image. One cannot place the objet too far from the camera neither too close. Keep it to a moderate distance. According to amazon product requirements it should fill 85% of the main frame. If you are engaged with books, music and Video then you can fill 100% of the image with your cover. But remember any kinds of promotional stickers are not allowed.

Present the Full Product

The full product should be presented in the in the Picture. One can’t crop any parts of the object. If you upload any cropped photo in Amazon image it can prevent your photo from being uploading.

White Background

There is no compromise with the background. Amazon sets specific rules of using white background. The background of the image that you are using obligation be pure white with a RGB of 255, 255,255. Any other plain colorful background is also retracted.

No Additional Subject

Amazon image requirements suggest for not using any sorts of additional subject such as text, Graphics Work or inserting additional image is not allowed.

No Adult Content

 Any kinds of sexual and violent things are not permitted. Even your membership can get banned. So, stay away from these kinds of activity.

Without the main image there are also some images that we use as site image. Let’s see which rules Amazon has specified for them:

Cropped Image

Cropped images are allowed but if there is some parts missing it will be not allowed. Missing parts can be a cause of Amazon Photo not uploading.

Helping Object

Helping objects are allowed in Amazon site Image Requirements Rule for additional image. Here helping object means object that help viewers to understand the product.

Backgrounds and Environments

For main image background and Environment were prohibited. But for additional image Amazon allow backgrounds environment.

Text and graphics

Additional text and Graphics are also allowed as amazon background for additional image. But it should be relevant to the product that you are going to sell. Otherwise, it will not appear online.

No Offensive Content

You cannot use anything offensive or pornographic as additional picture.

photo editing for amazon

That’s was some Mandatory things of Amazon Image Requirement. But is this enough to generate sales? Definitely it is not, readers. As an amazon seller this is just not enough to get approval for Amazon. You also need to impress your customer and convince them to buy your photo. In that case, you should follow some golden rules when you are doing Amazon Product photography and most importantly post processing work.

Now it’s time to offer you some tips and tricks that will help you to make your Amazon Product photography better. I am including this topic in this article because there are some mistakes that cannot be fixed in post processing work. Let’s dive forward to get some amazing tips about Amazon DIY Product photography.

  • Start with A plan

Before you start photography you should set a specific plan. Set a list of your product and search for them specifically in Amazon. Inspect the top 10 result how they are presenting their photo. You will get a clear idea from there. Note important idea from there. Then execute your plan. It will help you like a guide.

  • Capture your full product

It is one of the worst mistakes that beginners do. Without capturing full form of your photo you are hiding portion of your product and making harm for yourself and your business. When you are not presenting the full picture of the object forget about sales, your photo would disappear from amazon. So, make a note and save it to your brain.

  • Avoid Shaking

Shaking is a disgusting thing for photography. It can cause a blur picture photo and blur photo cannot be fixed through post processing work. It’s better to use a tripod. Invest some of your money in buying right equipment’s. Normally, one can use equipment for a long time after purchasing. So, don’t hesitate to purchase some equipment.

  • Image resolution

Image resolution is going to play a key role here. Image resolution must be high. There is no compromise about it if you want good conversion rate. To capture an image in high resolution the first mandatory things to do is using a good quality camera with powerful lens. Without a good device tripod won’t help you much. Also notice about light source while capturing photo, don’t capture your photo in too much light neither in low light. Both can effect on your resolution. So, be aware about it.

  • Display Product with Accurate Size

You also need to display product in their accurate shape maintaining the proper size. Allow me to explain this with example. Capture the shot depending on your object. Don’t capture any photo from awkward distance, from where viewers can get confused about the size of your object. Which product is actually big; present them in in their genuine view. So that, viewers can understands your product clearly. If your product is small in size, don’t need to present it in bigger size. Otherwise, it will make your picture odd. You have only few seconds to impress your viewers. They are not going to spend their time in odd photo.

  • Play With Angle

Capture your object from different angles. Try to put forward your object in various angle. It will provide more clarity about your object. Showcase your product from all angles. Make your customers feet it that they are seeing your product live. It will increase the possibilities of conversion.

  • Don’t Place Unnecessary Object

Never put any kinds of unnecessary object to your photo. That will make your viewers confused. It is also not acceptable according to amazon image requirement. Make sure that there is nothing in the background that can be a cause of disturbance.

  • Don’t use Adult Content

As I mention before, don’t use any kinds of Adult Content. You can get banned for doing this kind of activity. So, stay alert about this.

That was some DIY tips for Amazon product photography. Now I am going to inform you about post processing work. This is equally important as like as Pre Processing. Even some people claim that Post processing works is more important for Amazon Seller.

 Post Processing for Amazon Product Photography

Post processing works indicate the photo editing procedure. Photo editing is a field of variety. One can edit his Photo in many techniques. To bring a professional look in your photo there is no option with post processing work. According to a survey, only 20% Consumer will peruse your item portrayal but all will inspect the photos. More than 60% customer gives much urgency to the photos than the product description. So, one cannot afford to do any sorts of compromise with photos what so ever. CUT OUT EXPERT is able to make your photo extremely appealing and customer convincing.

Amazon Photo Editing Service by “CUT OUT EXPERT

We are supporting thousands of Amazon sellers with our professionally edited photos. We can turn out an ordinary picture into a premium look. More than 100 highly skilled graphics designers are working for us. They are always ready to deliver the best service. We set products ready for uploading on Amazon by Clipping Path and background removal service. We also make color correction and retouching. Different types of shadow creation service like Drop Shadow, Reflection Shadow and Natural shadows are also included in our service. In a word, CUSA is a complete package for Amazon Products Photo Editing. For Clothing business, we are offering neck joint service.

Free Image Editors For Creating Great Amazon Product Photos

Let me specify for which Amazon sellers we are offering our service:

  • Jewelry Business
  • Clothing Business
  • Mechanical Parts
  • Electronics Equipment
  • Clock
  • Toy
  • Furniture
  • Household Item
  • Vehicles
  • Beauty products
  • Kitchen Equipment

Do you want to know more specifically which types of editing service we are offering for which types of product? Permit me to show you.

Jewelry Product:

If you are an amazon seller connected with Jewelry Product, we are offering Background removal service along with drop shadow or reflection shadow. Jewelry item looks extremely appealing in white background with a shadow. One can increase his conversion rate effectively by applying this service.

Sometimes, jewelry item looks pale in normal click. Retouching can be a smart option there. To provide a dazzling look retouching is a real good option. Some people ask about drop shadow or reflection shadow which one they should use? Literally, it depends on product type. For chain and Bracelet Drop shadow is preferred. Reflection shadow is recommended when it is about different types of ring.

Clothing Business:

Are you connected with Amazon Cloth Business? You should take our Ghost Mannequin Service or Neck Joint Service. This service is specially designed for clothing product. Normally, retailers used to display their clothing product on Mannequin or Model. But that has become old trend. To provide a full view of the photo one should use Neck joint Service. To adopt this image altering technique, you had to send your clothing product photo from both front view and back view.

Then we merge two parts and display a fuller picture that shows both front side and back side. The more details you can provide towards your clients, the more attraction you gain. It is the primary working standard of this image altering technique.

Mechanical and Electrical Products:

A mechanical part like Gear or Pinion retouching is needed for bringing an appealing look in the picture. After retouching drop shadow can also be included for added attraction.

Similar image altering technique is applicable for Electronics product too. Photos of Electrical products like Mobile, Smart Watch, Gaming Equipment, Monitor, and TV should be able to catch viewers’ attention immediately. Considering this Clipping path and background removal service will be effective option.

Are you related with furniture business and want to produce more sales? Take our clipping path service along with natural shadow. For furniture business, its viewers can get distracted easily by the background. That’s why retailers should keep just their main object in the picture. There will be no way to divert attention.

Clipping path service is going to fill up this objective. To make it more eyes catching you can take natural shadow service too. It will add an extra dimension in your photo. That is sufficient enough to bring a premium look in your photo.


If you sells vehicle in amazon, you should try our special image altering service for vehicles. We can help you with our professionally edited vehicles photo. Reflection shadow in a white background is the perfect option for vehicles to upload in Amazon. That will look more eye-catching.

That’s all about Photo Editing for Amazon. You can request for a quote anytime to get our service. Basically, we took less than one hour to response. If you want to justify our service, don’t hesitate to take a free trial.


  • Quick Turnaround
  • High Quality
  • Affordable Price
  • Unlimited Revision
  • Best Customer Support
  • 100+ Professional Graphics Designer
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