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Kids are difficult to deal with. It’s more challenging when it comes to newborn babies. They are too tender and we have to deal with them with utmost care. Photographing an infant requires oodles of patience. They have to wait patiently to capture the right moment. It’s not easy to get a perfect picture. Photographing newborns has it own limitations. That’s when photographers turn to newborn photo editing service.

What Does This  Service Entail?

There’s usually a cuteness overload when it comes to infant images. These adorable babies come with a limited time factor. Photographers make up for this lost time in post processing. Newborn photo editing service ensures their ‘aww-factor’ stays intact. It helps you cherish your infant’s initial days in all its glory. It adds to the cuteness factor and makes it an image for the ages.


What Does This Newborn Photo Editing Service Provide?

Newborn photo editing has many techniques. Its basic services include resizing images, color correction and background modification. It also removes unwanted elements from the picture to focus all attention on the baby. Other techniques involved are as follows:

  • Skin tone correction: Babies have different skin tones. It ranges from red, pink to even purple. We can even out the color of their skin to make it look pleasing and uniform.
  • Mole removal: Eliminates birthmarks or moles that is prominent in the image. Removes any blemishes or scratches. We can do it using airbrush option.
  • Eye correction: Newborns are often seen sleeping. To picture them with their eyes open is difficult. We can correct this in editing. We can also change their eye color.
  • Shadow fixing: Adds or removes shadows as per need. Shadows provide depth to a picture and highlight the infant. Photos should look soft and natural.
  • Background effects: We can extend textured backgrounds, smoothen them or alter them completely. We can clip images of babies and place them in front of desirable backgrounds.
  • Face enhancement: Fixes tan lines and double chins on a baby’s face. Clears running nose. Removes imperfections from nose, eyes and cheeks to bring out the glow. Also includes retouching of skin and lips.
  • Angle adjustment: We may not capture all details from a particular angle. We can rectify this in post processing and make the baby look adorable at any given angle.
  • Lighting: Photographers have light limitations as well while capturing infants. They cannot use bright light or flashes. We can make up for lack of light by correcting the exposure in editing.

Why Should We Seek Professional Help?

Both newborns and their images are delicate and sensitive. It needs skill to edit and retain its originality. Professionals are the best bet in this service. Using Photoshop and Lightroom, they edit your infant’s image to perfection. Their work ensures your baby’s picture looks professional and natural at the same time. This service is not availed by parents alone. Companies selling baby products, e-commerce websites, pediatricians and advertising agencies also use this service.

Whether you want a fun picture of your baby or a natural one, contact a professional. They will give you a keepsake of your newborn that lasts a lifetime.

Newborn Photo Editing Service




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