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Neck Joint Service

A discussion of photo editing methods will be incomplete with talking about neck joint services. This is a very specific form of image manipulation. eCommerce businesses which sell clothes online use this method to showcase their products. Most people either don’t have time or they simply don’t prefer visiting stores to buy clothes anymore.  If you want to attract your customers with a catchy display of your garment collection, neck joint service is the obvious answer.

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What is the Meaning of Neck Joint Service?

In physical stores, or even in window displays you will find clothes displayed on a mannequin figure. This is because just looking at a garment folded neatly doesn’t give people the inducement to check it out. But if you can see how a dress will look when a mannequin is wearing it, you are more likely to feel the urge to try it on and buy it. Now, for digital platforms, a doll-like figure wearing clothes in a two-dimensional format doesn’t make the same impression. This is where neck joint service comes in.

Sometimes, neck joint service is also known as ghost mannequin service. The principle behind this image editing technique can explain the strangeness of the names. The photos of the garments are first taken using it on a mannequin. Then the structure is removed from the picture through image editing. The effect is as if the clothes are showcased over an invisible figure. This is why it is called an invisible or ghost mannequin technique.

It is evident that when the doll-like structure is removed from the image, the photo of the dress is also cut off. To address this, another image of the back part of the dress is taken and the two images are joined together seamlessly. Hence, the name neck joint service.   

The technique is not limited to manipulating images through neck joint service alone. Trousers and jeans can also be showcased using ghost mannequin service. Moreover, if you are selling accessories such as watches and hats, your product photos can use this process to good effect.

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How does using ghost mannequin help my business?


People sometimes hesitate before employing a professional neck joint service provider. Indeed, this job requires careful attention to details and skills to perfect. So, doing it yourself using a quality photo editing software may not be a good idea. This process helps you make your product photos more attractive to prospective customers online. Do you need more reasons to consider using neck joint services?

As mentioned, the ghost mannequin is an actual figure that is digitally removed to give the invisible look. So, the clothes you display using the ghost mannequin service gives the same appearance as a garment on a real mannequin in a physical store. The three-dimensional visuals of clothes make it more appealing to viewers browsing online. This can translate into more sales and better business.

The alternative to ghost mannequin is hiring real-life models incurring a huge cost for styling and branding purpose. You can thus save a lot of extra expenses by engaging an experienced image editing company. They can provide the best neck joint service at a reasonable cost.

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How To Ensure Ghost Mannequin Service?

Yes, you can ensure you are getting the best out of neck joint service if you remember the following tips we have compiled for your reference.

  • Choosing the right mannequin is very important. You should get the best-fit size in different variations like half-body, full-body, with or without arms. Also, it is wise to choose one which will not reflect light and go well with a white background. Thus, the ghost mannequin images of your garments can easily conform to the product photo policy of most online marketplaces.
  • People getting neck joint services often overlook the importance of how the clothes look on the doll-like figure. Ironing the dresses before putting them on the mannequin ensures that there are no creases on them. So, the clothes look attractive without needing to spend more by editing the photos to remove creases.
  • Not all types of clothes will be a perfect fit for the mannequin you get. The best way to deal with this and get the best ghost mannequin effect in the images is by using clips, pins and tapes. You can use these items to drape the garment over the figure in a stylish way and keep it in place while the photoshoot takes place.
  • One thing to remember is that the ghost mannequin service is only an editing method and not about image enhancement. So, when you put the clothing item or accessory on the mannequin, you must ensure that the details you want the buyers to notice are displayed in the best possible way.
  • As mentioned, neck joint service joins of the two parts of the dress shot at different angles. It is advisable to take an inverted photo of the shoulder region with great care. When the neck joint editing is done later, this image comes handy.
  • Choosing the best neck joint service provider is important as they will have the necessary experience to know the right light exposure and best camera angles. If you consult them, they can confirm that underexposed light is best for light-colored clothes while for garments of dark color using over-exposed lighting is ideal.
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What should you look for when selecting the best ghost mannequin and neck joint service provider?

Most companies providing image editing and enhancement services have professionals to handle different types of ghost mannequin and neck joint services.

  • Ensure that they provide three-dimensional and 360-degree visuals of your products using the ghost mannequin
  • Besides neck joint service, ensure that the same level of flawless quality is used to edit the photos for the bottom joint and sleeves joint.
  • It is good to research all the leading companies near you. In their websites, you will find their rates, offers and packages that can suit your needs. Checking out testimonials from previous clients also gives a good idea of their expertise and commitment to quality and timely delivery.

So, if you have an eCommerce business selling clothes, get the best ghost mannequin service for your product photos to maximize profit.




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