Professional Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry retouching is photo modification that is accomplished with the help of such picture editing programs as Photoshop and Lightroom. As a rule, the retouches improve the quality and overall attractiveness of photography.

Jewelry retouching service deals with the light and color correction, the stains or scratch removal and with the bleaching of the gemstones. This service is mainly used for commercial purposes. Our photo processing company guarantees professional high-quality photographs that catch the eye of your customers.

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What is Jewelry Retouching Service?

Jewelry Retouching Service is a complex photo retouching service that requires hard working processes and more time. It is a professional modification of the products photo with the help of an image editing software like as adobe photoshop.

The purpose of jewelry retouching service is to raise the image quality to make the product items more natural by using the light and color correction, making stone brighter, removing scratches or spots. The designers have to import the image into the Photoshop software to start retouching. Then they do some corrections and increase the image quality without changing the real size, shape, and effect. They use the best technique with the help of the Pen Tool.

The Jewelry Retouching Service Includes Such Options:

  • Remove impurities & stains
  • Color and light correction
  • Adjust contrast and brightness
  • Shiny Add
  • Details of the image Improve and remove unnecessary elements
  • Cropping and changing photos
  • Make natural shadows
  • Remove dust and bad mirror image
  • Scale the photo

Remove Impurities & Stains

Retouching service is nowadays a compulsory thing for the successful promotion of any modern jewelry store. Everyone who is engaged in the sphere of jewelry knows about it very well. All rings, necklaces, pendants or watches must be presented in such a way that every customer is interested. Clients do not always have the opportunity to see the goods themselves, so the photos have to reflect the beauty and quality of the jewelry, without stains and impurities.

Our professional photo retouchers offer their help with jewelry retouching and propose a wide range of modern photo finishing options and special techniques. Among the orders of modern jewelers are also options such as removing watermarks and logos of the company adding to the photo. In addition, our image editors can do image montage online and other Image manipulations. With this service, you can be sure that your company will succeed and increase the number of your clients.

Shopping on the Internet is very popular today and many of the orders we receive are among such online stores. Our team is always ready to help you. Of course, every shopper wants to have a look at the product and, if necessary, to recognize the jewelry in more detail. That's why our picture masters take care of everything: no stains and dust, just shiny and perfect look of your jewelry items.

Color Correction

Another important aspect of any type of product retouching is color and brightness correction. The right combination of these two elements plays a crucial role in retouching the jewelry pictures. The main goal of Job Photo Editor is to improve the photo with the help of editing. In conclusion, the product sold on the photography must appear excellent.

It is important to emphasize that each gemstone has its peculiarities, and that is why different types of gemstones require very different techniques for retouching jewelry. For example, the photographer has to keep in mind that the flat stones will lose the light of their brilliance when they are covered.

You have to be aware that there is a big difference between faceted stones and, for example, cabochons. In the first case, the accent is on the form, in the second - on the color. The photo masters from our company know all these important nuances and use appropriate techniques to concrete stone style.

With the help of our jewelry pictures retouching service, you can also change the style of the stone or the color of the metal, such options as coloring and shape correction are also available. In addition, our clients can restore old photos and we renovate their even destroyed product images.

Adjust Contrast And Brightness

This service deals with the regulation of contrast and brightness. The process of adjusting is not at all complicated, but it can take a lot of time. This is very responsible and tedious work. Nevertheless, this option is very important, because the right combination of contrast and brightness is the main secret of the beautiful photo.

Every photographer knows pretty well how much of the contrast and brightness hangs. The jewelry is very different and therefore, the retoucher must pay attention to all the peculiarities of light reflection of metals and stones using different techniques.

The masters of our jewelry retouching service can use this option to create a masterpiece out of your photographs. This needs professional photo editing skills and can also cause some difficulties. In such a way, the luminosity of the picture can cause a bad view of the small details. For example, the buyer has no opportunity to observe small stones or ornaments. On the other hand, if the picture is too dark, the jewelry has no brilliance and as a conclusion no attractiveness.

After all, every one of our clients attaches great importance to the naturalness of the product and therefore all image manipulation should be carried out mildly.

Adding  Shiny Method

Every girl wants to shine and win the attention of the men. Everyone knows that diamonds and jewelry are the best friends of any woman. Watches, bracelets, and necklaces help underline the beauty of the girls. That's why jewelry items are an indispensable accessory of every woman's Outlook. In addition, jewelry gives men a special solidity and seriousness. Our jewelry pictures retouching master will help you to shine on every picture.

Brilliant of gemstones always adorn the photo and shows the costliness of the product. Our image editors are able to glitter the diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds brighter. Adding the shine to silver or gold is not a problem for our experienced specialists.

Even if the jewelry in real life looks very wide and shiny, that does not mean that they will be so beautiful in the picture as well. For this reason, the retoucher must solve all difficulties during retouching.

With the help of our professional team, you get high-quality pictures of your jewelry items of perfect beauty. We promise you that the brilliance of jewelry will attract the attention of customers.

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When do you need the Jewelry Retouching Service?

E-commerce company and the jewelry companies are need this service badly for increasing sales and extending their brand all over the world. When the customers visit your website, they are always looking for those jewelry products that have no drawbacks. If your product images are looking gorgeous and attractive, they are impressed by seeing at a first sight. Then they click the product and buy only because of your product images draw their attention at first time. So, If you are a owner of this type of company then you have to take jewelry retouching service. You can not avoid this service to increase the sales and customers of your company. We are providing the best quality of jewelry retouching service. You can also visit our other services like as Clipping path service, Image Masking Service, Neck Joint Service, Shadow Creation Service, Photo Retouching Service, Background Removal Service, E-commerce Photo Editing Service, Color Correction Service, Raster to Vector Conversion Service etc.

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