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Jewelry is like a crowning glory. It makes one look attractive. So, it should look attractive by itself. This adds extra pressure on a photographer to make a piece of Jewelry stand out. That’s when jewellery photo editing service comes to his rescue.

What does this service entail?

Product photography, especially jewellery, is a complex task. The main obstacle a photographer faces is jewellery cannot stand on its own. You need to hold it, place it in a box or put it on a model. Jewellery photo editing service helps you remove these add-ons. It gives a crystal clear picture of the jewel and gem alike.

jewelry photo editing service

Techniques used in jewelry photo editing service

Adobe Photoshop is most often used software for this service. Some also prefer Lightroom, GIMP and Pixlr. Some of the techniques used in this service are as follows:

  • Dust removal: Some pieces of jewellery may have scratches and dust. We can make it spotless and dust-free.
  • Retouching: This restores the beauty of a jewel that a photographer fails to capture. It adds sheen to a picture.
  • Shadow creation: Designers create shadows to make the jewel look more realistic. They add depth using 3D effects.
  • Background cleaning: Eliminates the background and focuses on the jewellery. We can also remove unwanted elements in the backdrop or place a white background.
  • Color correction: Adjusts the texture, gives perfect lighting to the jewellery.
  • Recoloring: We can change the color of the metal from gold to silver and so on. It helps the customers visualize the same product in different colors.
  • Polishing gems: Adds sparkle and shine. They polish diamonds and other gems to make it glossy.
  • Photo merging: We can blend two or more pieces of jewellery into one image.
  • Repainting metals: Metallic objects are reflective. Such jewels can have reflections of background or photographer. By repainting the metals, we restore the shine.

Who opt for this service?

E-commerce websites avail this services the most. Jewelry vendors need their products to stand out. This service helps them to display a single product in many colors. It also gets the customer’s attention. Advertising firms use this to put up big hoardings of jewels. Many models opt this for one of their portfolio shoots.

Why seek professional help?

When it comes to exclusive Jewelry, professionals guarantee confidentiality. Your designs are safe. Their expertise ensures your jewellery gets its worth. They have the knack of making inexpensive Jewelry looks striking. Editing a piece of diamond may take 2 to 3 hours. Outsourcing it will save us time and assure us of high quality images. Don’t think twice. Get in touch with a professional and add more bling to your jewels.

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