how to change skin color in photoshop
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How To Change Skin Color In Photoshop For Beginners To Advanced Guide

Changing skin color is such a technique that we often need to perform at the time of photo retouching. Do you know the process? If you don’t know it yet you will be able to learn it after reading this post. In this post, I am going to provide you complete guide how to change skin color in Photoshop.

At first, open the picture in Photoshop that you are willing to customize skin color. The primary task is to make selection of the skin portion that you want to bring change. There are numerous tools to make selection in Photoshop. For this tutorial I am using quick selection tool. You will find this option from here.


I am just picking the skin.


Make sure that you have selected the skin properly that you are willing to make change. Now, everything inside the selection is included. But the eyes and the eyebrows should be excluded from the selection. Otherwise, it will look odd. To perform this operation, zoom into eyes and make line around it using lasso tool.


When you are making the selection hold Alt.


At this stage, we have selected the eyes and the eyebrows. Before we proceed forward, we also need to refine edges to change skin color in Photoshop properly. Firstly, make a duplicate layer of the background.


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After duplicating the layer, make sure that right click on the mouse and choose refine edge.


Later on, increase the smooth option to fix soft edges.


Quick and easy method in how to change skin color in photoshop

After this make a mask of the selection. Then the change we will make it will be applicable only for the selected parts.


In the next step, go to the level option from the top.


After clicking on here a level will be visible from here. Set the value of these two about to this.


Look the picture has got brighter but still it is not looking natural. Moreover the change that we have made it is applied all over the picture.


To make the changes selection wise go to the layer and select this option by right clicking.


Now the change will cover only the selected parts. Your job is not done yet. Go to the curves option from the adjustment panel in order to highlight the selection a bit.


After this repeat the previous process of click on crate clipping mask.

How to adjust skin tone in photoshop cc

Then go to this option and make the saturation a bit low and don’t forget to click on clipping mask after making change.


When it is about changing skin color in Photoshop the best practice is to customize in black and white form. To do so, click on here and you will get a black and white view of the picture.


Increase the value of the red and yellow color from the color adjustment from the right side. After this change the presets of this black and white layer from normal to luminosity from this option followed by create clipping mask.


Look the picture has become brighter but it’s looking unnatural.


Reduce the opacity of this layer from the top of the layers panel option.


Now it is looking pretty good and not the perfect. We need to customize the color balance a bit to give this picture a perfect look. For doing this operation go to the color balance option from here.

Photoshop change skin Color (Milk And Chocolate Skin Color in Photoshop)


This is a tricky stage for color change Photoshop. At this stage, you need to perform it based on the color. If you feel that there is excess red color in the picture then reduce red and increase the value of others a bit. Same things to follow when there is an excess green in the picture. Reduce the value of the green color and increase the red color a bit.

The previous process of create clipping mask is also applicable for this stage too. Or else, it will effect on the entire picture. That can ruin all the hard work you have done till now.

After balancing the color properly based on the picture type create a group from the layer panel.  Simply click on the create group icon from the beneath of the layers panel and then the group will be created.


Then select all the remaining layer excluded background layer and move them into the newly created group. To select all the layer clicks on each layer while pressing CTRL and then drag them into the group icon.   That’s all. Save the picture according to your required format. Let’s show the result,


In this procedure you will be able to change skin color in Photoshop of any picture.

Let me finish with some quick tips and tricks that will help you to do the operation in a professional way:

-When there are sharp and soft edges in the object use color range option to make selection.

-Every time you make any change on the picture, make sure that you hit on create clipping mask option afterward.

-While working with hue and saturation don’t set the value too high or too low. Try to keep the things natural.

-At the time of working with black and white layer, change only red and yellow. Cause, only these two colors are properly engaged with skin tone.

-At the end of the basic correction. Use color balance option to give the finishing touch and remove all the unnecessary color.

-Make sure that you have exclude eyes and eyebrow from your selection.    I hope from now on you will be able to change skin color professionally in Photoshop. Thanks for reading.

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