Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Service

E-commerce has brought people closer worldwide. Brands have crossed boundaries and are available in every nook and corner. Fashion industry has seen a boom, thanks to e-commerce. Shopping clothes online has become a modern trend. Competition is on the rise. Suppliers have added pressure to promote their products. In online shopping, the image of the product plays a vital role. Clothes on mannequin can be uninteresting. Mannequin photo editing service ensures your image stands out.

What Does These Service Entail?

A mannequin is a dummy doll used to display clothing or jewellery. Photographers also use manikins to take pictures of apparels and accessories. It’s a cheaper alternative for a model and a one-time investment. The mannequin provides support to the product. However, we do not want to showcase it in the final image. Mannequin photo editing service comes to the rescue. It helps in removing the dummy doll from the photo. It is also known as ghost mannequin service.

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ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Service

What Are The Different Types of Ghost Mannequin photography Editing?

  • Bog standard mannequin: These are basic or ordinary manikins. Here, we eliminate the extension in the neck, hand, waist and leg region. They ensure the image doesn’t look hanging in the air.
  • Transparent mannequin: Also called as removable ghost mannequin. Transparent objects create glare and can ruin an image. We can remove these see-through dummies to showcase a product in best possible manner.
  • Wired mannequin: It’s complex to work on images shot on wired mannequin. It is time consuming to remove all the wires from the product and make it look realistic.
  • 3D mannequin: There are manikins created digitally using 3D floating method. We can remove this in post processing and retain the 3D effect on the product.

What Are The Other Services Included?

  • Neck joint: When we remove mannequin from the product, there’s a blank area created in the neck region. We can recreate the neck joint to make the garment look complete. This is also applicable to sleeve and bottom joints.
  • Multiple colors: We can show one product in different colors. Saves time of re shooting the same product again and again.
  • Front & back combo: Combines the front and back shots of a garment to give the customer a holistic view.
  • Color enhancement: Boosts the color of apparels to make them look more attractive. Also adjusts the white balance of clothing.
  • Modifying background: We mostly use white background to bring focus on the product. We can remove or change the existing background as per requirement.
  • Brand details: Helps in highlighting brand label or details for the customer.

Who Avail The Ghost Mannequin Editing Service?

It’s mainly used by garment industry and e-commerce websites. Photographers also avail this service. Jewellers use this service to highlight their jewellery or for advertisement purpose.

Tutorial : Step-by-step Ghost Mannequin Photography

Why Should we go to a Professional?

Experts make give the products an eye-popping look. Their work is realistic and attracts more customers. They know how to highlight the style, texture and fit of a garment to make it stand out. From basic touch-ups to fine tuning, professionals offer an all-round package. Contact us today





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