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If you are conducting a business that needs uploading product photos online, you must have requirements to make the images natural and attractive. But what do you do when photo retouching or masking doesn’t help you? You need to find new techniques of image enhancement that can enhance the visual appeal for your photos. Drop shadow service can come in handy in this situation.

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What is Meant by Shadow Creation Services?

When you want to add a creative special effect to an image, you can try the option to add shadow in photoshop. This visual effect is all about the process to add a shaded layer under the main image layer. It is important to understand what types of shadow can be created and added in an image editing software. Photoshop drop shadow effect can be either a cast shadow or a form shadow and can be easily explained by their definition.

  • Cast shadow – When the subject of the photo is casting a shadow around it
  • Form shadow – when the shadow is part of the object itself

The distance and direction in which the light is located, and its quality and intensity determine the produced shadow effect. The relation between the two is also self-explanatory. Without an object having a good form shadow, effective cast shadow cannot be produced. It is useful to know the applications of drop shadow services as a photo enhancement method.

  • Photoshop drop shadow for an image is the basic application where the shadow effect is some solid element in the picture.
  • Photoshop drop shadow for text is when there is some writing on the image and a reflection is used to create a shadow of the writing for artistic effect.
  • When the shadow effect is to be adjusted or added to an image layer, photoshop drop shadow for layer comes into use.
  • The effect of drop shadow fade in photoshop entails when you want the effect of creating a fading out reflection of the subject in the image.
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Create Different Effects Using The Drop Shadow on Photoshop?


Drop shadow service can enhance the appeal of product photos if you know the different types of effects a shadow can produce.

  • As expected, the drop shadow method is the most basic application. In this process, the subject appears to be elevated from the background, as if it is floating. The resultant cast shadow is also highlighted by a faint glow on the object. Individual products showcased by eCommerce dealers online use this photoshop drop shadow technique most.
  • Among other drop shadow services, the natural shadow effect is in especial demand. In this method, the image is edited in an artistic way to produce the impression it is casting a shadow. Compared to the drop shadow process explained above, the light effect is imaginary. Also, when the graphic designers use this method to add shadow in photoshop, they make the object lying on the background surface.
  • The existing shadow effect is one of the best techniques of this type of image manipulation process. In this case, the subject already has a shadow when the photo was taken. Now, the effect has to be enhanced or edited by altering the background. You can change the photoshop drop shadow layer transparency by adjusting the opacity filter. The natural cast shadow can thus be saved and used to create a visual effect or manually adjusted for more impact.
  • The creative aspect of drop shadow service becomes evident if you use the technique for floating shadow and reflections. Like the basic photoshop drop shadow effect, this is a more detailed and artistic way of creating the reflections. The reason it is considered a complex artwork is if the editing is not done expertly, the shadow and reflections can look artificial. As this photoshop drop shadow for image technique is popular in showcasing eCommerce product photos, great skill is needed to make everything look natural and attract customers.

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Does Blanket Use of Drop Shadow Enhance Visual Appeal?

The short answer is no. It may be creative to add shadow in photoshop, but the effect must produce the desired impact. Using drop shadow service by editing any product photo is not advisable. The technique makes the reflection of the product looks natural and enhances the context of the photo. Therefore, it stands to reason a judicious use must be made of drop shadow services for the best results. So, how do you use the shadow effect to your advantage?

  • Sometimes the photo gives a flat and dull impression. Photoshop drop shadow effect can make it attractive by adding depth and texture.
  • Many product photos use a white background. But what do you do when the subject of the photo is also white? Changing the colour of the image may not be a viable option. In these situations, you should think of one of the methods to add drop shadow in photoshop as the answer to your problem.
  • eCommerce businesses often use drop shadow service to create a consistent look to their products when their catalogue consists of similar items that can benefit from the technique.
  • The most common use of the effect of photoshop drop shadow is when the object already has a natural shadow. This method is then ideal if you just want to alter the background for maximum visual appeal.

Some text is often added as part of the advertisement campaign for a product. The size, font type and position of the text may not always be enough to make the product conspicuous to the customers. Photoshop drop shadow for text is then helpful.


How do Engaging Experts Help in Making The Most of Drop Shadow Services?

Drop shadow service

Being a creative process, drop shadow services need training, skills and experience for the best outcome. So, a professional company with expertise in these services is the best way to enhance the set of images by adding photoshop drop shadow effect. You can avail competitive prices and top-class quality. It is thus highly recommended that you check out the leading image editing businesses near you for before selecting one.




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