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Cut Out Expert Services
Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Services- How to perform the action

When running a business, creating a product, or trying to promote your brand, having access to premium images is absolutely key. When it comes to running an online business, images are especially important because they will serve as the first line of promotion for all of your customers and website visitors. There are several different methods and processes that you can use to create stunning product images that captivate your customers and entice them to engage with your website.

When choosing the right clipping path service for your e-commerce business, you need to make sure that they prioritize a few key aspects of the process overall. A high-quality clipping path service provider will offer an upfront explanation of all the service techniques and elements that they offer so you can make the best decision about how to approach your product marketing strategy.

before product photo editing cutoutexpert ringproduct photo editing ring
Background Removal Service
Clipping path services Bg remove flowerclipping path service bg remove

Product marketing is very important for many online stores and physical retail shops. The primary purpose of product marketing is to entice your audience to make a purchase. There are several ways to accomplish this goal, you need to create high-quality photos. Depending on how you obtain product images, you can use different techniques to produce engaging material. Since most product images come include contrasting backgrounds, you need to remove any unwanted image data.

Whether it’s for sports, technology, or clothing, you can use a photo background editor for your business. Studies have proven that about 40% of online customers want to see what they’re buying. When you sell on large e-commerce platforms like Amazon or eBay, you’ll have to compete. Large online marketplaces have many sellers with experience competing for the top spot.

Image Masking Service​

Image masking service is a very popular form of photo editing technique in demand nowadays. It is useful to know the process in details. One thing to note is that the art of image masking is a relatively modern concept. Top-class image manipulation software, equipped with various tools, have made this editing process easier.

Image masking service often goes by the name photoshop masking service. As the name suggests, it is a process where an image editing software, like photoshop, is used to hide or reveal certain elements in a photo. This technique is ideal for altering the background of a photo. One of its most common use is masking hair in photoshop. The technique, along with clipping path, is often used in product photos to remove flying hair or fur from the background. Its applications for commercial purposes are thus endless.

Neck Joint Service​
Neck Joint Tshirtneck-joint-service-cut-out-expert-tshirt

A discussion of photo editing methods will be incomplete with talking about neck joint services. This is a very specific form of image manipulation. eCommerce businesses which sell clothes online use this method to showcase their products. Most people either don’t have time or they simply don’t prefer visiting stores to buy clothes anymore.  If you want to attract your customers with a catchy display of your garment collection, neck joint service is the obvious answer.

In physical stores, or even in window displays you will find clothes displayed on a mannequin figure. This is because just looking at a garment folded neatly doesn’t give people the inducement to check it out. But if you can see how a dress will look when a mannequin is wearing it, you are more likely to feel the urge to try it on and buy it. Now, for digital platforms, a doll-like figure wearing clothes in a two-dimensional format doesn’t make the same impression. This is where neck joint service comes in.

Photo Retouching Service​

Image editing is an art in itself. Even in older times, photo retouching service was not unheard of. It was all manual then. Digital innovation has helped online photo retouching service become a household phenomenon nowadays. 

What does photo retouching service entail?

Photo retouching or image retouching is a comprehensive term and includes a range of services. It is a particular form of photo editing service that focuses on image enhancement and photo restoration. Some of the things that this image manipulation process can achieve include:

  • Highlighting details of photo elements that cannot be done by a camera
  • Digital retouching or airbrushing photo defects
  • Upgrading the quality of an image if the original version failed to highlight it
Photo retouching services Glassphoto retouching service Glass
Drop Shadow Service​
before photoshop drop shadow cutoutexpert shoe 2photoshop drop shadow service cut out expert shoe 02

If you are conducting a business that needs uploading product photos online, you must have requirements to make the images natural and attractive. But what do you do when photo retouching or masking doesn’t help you? You need to find new techniques of image enhancement that can enhance the visual appeal for your photos. Drop shadow service can come in handy in this situation.

What is meant by drop shadow services?

When you want to add a creative special effect to an image, you can try the option to add shadow in photoshop. This visual effect is all about the process to add a shaded layer under the main image layer. It is important to understand what types of shadow can be created and added in an image editing software. Photoshop drop shadow effect can be either a cast shadow or a form shadow and can be easily explained by their definition.

  • Cast shadow – When the subject of the photo is casting a shadow around it
  • Form shadow – when the shadow is part of the object itself
Color Correction Service​

Be it in reel or real, colors play a crucial role. As photography made the big jump from black and white to color, so did the technology attached to it. Colors can make or break an image. A photographer might not be able to capture the colors in all its glory. It might be because of inconsistent weather, bad lighting or incorrect camera setting. Here’s where color correction service comes into play.

What does color correction service entail?

The definition of color correction services quite simple. It’s in the name itself. It means changing the color of an image captured using digital equipment. This applies to the whole image or a particular part of the photograph. For example, we can change the color of a person’s dress alone. Otherwise, we can change a dim background using photo correction service.

color correction services cutoutexpert tshirtbefore color correction services cutoutexpert tshirt
E-commerce photo editing Service​
before product photo editing cutoutexpert bagproduct photo editing bag

Most people are not brilliant photographers. They may use state-of-the-art cameras or camera-toting smartphones to take pictures. But usually, the photos need quite a bit of editing and people need help with it. That’s why professional photo editing service has become very popular.

What are the other terms for photo editing service?

The most used alternative for photo editing is image editing. Other terms to describe this service include:

  • post-processing
  • manipulation of photos or images
  • enhancement of photos or images

As one of the common software used to process this is photoshop, it is also known as photoshop services.

Image Manipulation Service

Technology ensures nothing is impossible in today’s world. It can make a normal person look dapper. A perfect image is not a distant dream. Poor lighting, amateur photographers, ordinary cameras are not problems anymore. We can resolve it using image manipulation service.

What does image manipulation service entail?

“It’s not what it appears to be.” We have heard this phrase many a times. That’s what an image manipulation service does. It modifies an existing image as per our requirements. We process the image using various techniques and software. Picture manipulation can completely transform a photo and enhance its appearance. Using photo manipulation we can also combine two pictures into one.

Raster To Vector Conversion Service​
Raster to vector provider company cut out expertvector conversion service company cut out expert

Resolution is a key aspect of any image. We calculate it based on the number of pixels in a picture. Resolution is proportional to the quality of a picture. Higher the resolution, better the image looks. Pixelated images have very low resolution and ruin the appearance of a photograph. To avoid this, there is a simple option. Convert these pixelated images into higher resolution ones. This forms the basis of raster to vector service.

What does raster to vector service entail?

If we do not have a good quality raster image, the ideal solution is to convert into vector format. This ensures the picture quality is not compromised and gives better output. Raster images tend to break or get pixelated when we blow them out of proportion. That is not a concern for vector images. We can scale them indefinitely. Bitmap to vector conversion solves the picture quality issue. In this service, many prefer manual recreation over automated ones. Output is better when designers correct and convert the images in Illustrator.


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