Photoshop Clipping Path Services

When the issue of image background removal comes to mind, clipping path service is the best choices for photographers and ecommerce business owners, it’s an important for presenting good looking product in front of your consumer and client especially in commerce Business. If you do that perfectly then you will be very happy with your consumer and client. So if you need handmade clipping paths and cut outs we offer for your photos perfect clipping path service _ any time.

We know very well that important of images don’t look like they were edited, image need hand drawn clipping paths using Photoshop pen tool to achieve original looking images. The team of COE provide accurate clipping path and cut out follow the latest techniques for image editing to meet international quality. The team of cut out expert is dedicated to provide consistent photo editing services. We are very responsible about the timeline and send the project back to client on time.

Clipping path service

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What is clipping path?

Clipping Path is a deep etching to cut out a portion of the photo, we know that most of the time its use of a background removal service, clipping path means create outline very closed outer shape of the photo. Cut out Expert provide handmade clipping path every time

In front of you lots of technique and tools to create clipping, path pen tool is one of them, its provide you perfect clipping path to cut out, remove change or replace the unexpected background/portion of an image. Most of the time Photographer used it to background remove, image masking, and color change and also highlight them.

Categories of Clipping Path Services

We have designed our clipping path service into six categories that are help you to choose your perfect service. The categories are described in bellow:


Basic clipping path is normally applied in a straight or rectangular product with no holes. It is very easy and applicable for round, rectangular and small carve shaped product like as mobile, laptop, book, ring, plate, spoon, glass etc.


Simple clipping path is generally required in curved product with holes. In simple clipping path the number of cures is greater than basic clipping path. It is applicable for curved shaped product with holes like as T-shirt, Shoes, watch, ear ring, camera etc.


Medium clipping path is applicable for multiple holes and multiple curves. In medium clipping path there is a greater number of holes and anchor than simple clipping path. like as bracelets, group shoes, group watch, motor parts, group foods etc.


Complex clipping path is required for those complex or compound shaped products which are elaborated holes and many closed paths. you get to rid of the background of any acute complicated products. like as chain, furniture, jewelry, cycle etc.


Supper complex clipping path is required to a big product with double holes and complexity. It is applied for large number of paths and anchor points, maximum time supper complex images need extra time to do, like as multiple doll, fence, flying hair, gate of building etc.


Multiple clipping path
Multiple clipping path is generally needed for the group photo of people including various products. You can cut out individual part of that photo for changing color, opacity, size, rotation angle and so on. This service is used for fashion catalogs, e-commerce products, etc.

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When you need to use clipping path service

  • Clipping path service you have to need when you want to change or removed the background from an image. It will show more attractive products photo.
  • If you want to do image manipulation/neck joint, ads, magazine work then clipping path helps to you easily edits any parts of images
  • When you have done photography but some of the parts in your image are missing their original color then multiple clipping paths helps to you change the color correction.
  • A clipping path can help you to edit specific portion in your images and also you can separate any one part of an image.
  • And also clipping path help advance editing like vector conversion, shadow creation, create text, create separates layer for animation and lots of work.

Why cut out an expert for clipping path service

We have an efficient clipping path expert team; they are professionally trained and providing good quality clipping path service. The team of COE processing hundreds of images every day, it is a unit of a skilled retouching artist. We follow the Photoshop pen tool to provide hand drawn clipping path service. Clipping path mostly used for background removal service, image masking, and advance editing services so that COE team available for anywhere, any time. Therefore we offer a variety of image processing services at prices that are highly competitive.

You can hire us due to following reasons

  • Provide High Quality Image
  • Low Cost Service
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  • Delivery Before Deadline
  • Have Photo Editing Specialist Team
  • Have Huge Production Capacity
  • Provide Unlimited Revision
  • 24/7 Customer Service and Instant Reply

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If you have any query about our services, you can contact with us any time. Our support team is always ready to contact with you.

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