Creating a transparent background in photos is pretty simple task. From product photography to general photography, web design to logo placement options, transparent background demands more. Thankfully, Photoshop gives us the opportunity to do this. If you are completely newbie, don’t worry. This tutorial will help you creating transparent background. However, in Photoshop prevails more
100 Tips That Will Make You Influential In PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY INTRODUCTION A popular and common commercial photography assignment undertaken by professional photographers is wedding photography. Generally, this involves covering not just the wedding day events but other important rituals and functions proceeding the wedding day. In the pre-digital days, it was a daunting task to
    Ghost mannequin effect or neck joint is a very common term in the online clothing business. As online retailers need this awesome photo editing solution. Because it helps them to increase their shops sell volume. How ghost mannequin effect/neck joint help online retailers Basically, every customer wants to see products in detail as
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Portrait Photography Tips As a photographer, having more tricks for photoshoot helps to bring great result. Especially, when it comes to portrait photography. As, lot of factors should consider before final photo shoot. In this article, we will cover some Portrait photography tips. Hope that, it will help you to bring out great result during
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To get better quality images, you have to invest your ability. Because, if you invest more, camera quality will be better. Finally, your photos will also be better. Due to lack of information, many people can’t buy the best photography camera within their budget. Here, we’ll try to give you some information about various branded
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