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Are You Looking For Best Photoshop Tools For Photo Editing

Hello everyone, Are you involved with Photoshop in anyway? If you are, this article is going to be very helpful for you. Miss out this article at your own risk! In this post, I will introduce you to all Photoshop tools. Let’s start without any more delay.

Photoshop is such software that is intensely involved with every sorts of photo editing task. To master the art of photo editing, one must need to have a proper idea about Photoshop tools. Then anyone can perform the image altering process in Photoshop.

Let me start with Photoshop toolbar definitions. Basically, Photoshop tools are the options those are decorated at the left side of Photoshop editing window. Each and every single little icon is called as Photoshop tool. They play the anchor role when this is about photo editing. That’s why it is important to know them clearly. At the same time, you should know what their function is. By reading this post you can earn a comprehensive knowledge on Photoshop tools and their operation. We will discuss about both basic and advance tool. It is a complete Photoshop tool guide. Permit me to start from the below.

Photoshop Tools

Photoshop Tool Description & Names

Zoom tool

This tool is situated right at the bottom end. You will notice there a magnetic glass like tool. This is the zoom tool that we are talking about. It is an essential tool to use for. With this tool one can zoom in and out his photo. At the time of working with small portion this tool is much needed. Alongside these, for the selection purpose this tool is also very useful. Without using this tool one cannot perform the selection process clearly.

Hand Tool

          It is another important tool in Photoshop. Right at the top of the zoom tool you will find a hand sign. It is hand tool. It is equally important to zoom. It can be described as navigation tool. When someone zooms closely, he becomes unable to view the full portion. This hand tool help to view others portion too. So, basically its function is to give access to view the full image in zoom mode.

Rectangle Tool

          This tool is available at the top of the navigation tool. It is one kind of drawing tool. This is available in Photoshop cc tool, Photoshop cs6 tool etc. It actually modifies the shape of the picture. There are some others shape also like round type rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon etc. Moreover, custom shape is also available there. Isn’t it sounds good? Really it is. Let’s move to the next one.

Path Selection

The role of this tool is to select the path. With this tool anyone can select any specific object of an image. It is not necessary that every time you want to change the full image. Sometimes, we want to edit a specific portion of an image or want to work with a definite portion. This tool can help you to perform this operation. One can create path with the help of the mouse by using this tool. It selects the object with dotted line.

Add text

          The next button that we are going to talk about is adding text button. I think you can guess its task information from its name. This comes with a T Photoshop tool icon. This Photoshop tools allow you to add text to your picture. Adding text to photo is so much important. In this way you can add a signature of yourself in your photo. Alongside this sometime you want to add date or time in your photo. This tool can help you at this point too. There are lots of font style and text size. From now on you can add text to your photo as like as you want. Permit me to move to the next one. More essential Photoshop tools description is waiting for you.

Pen Tool

          If you are familiar with Photoshop or photo editing it is obvious that you have heard about this tool. With this tool you can select complex to complex object easily. One can make his selection process much easier with this tool. This tool is the better choice rather than any others because; with this tool one can choose the object manually. Dotted line has made it much easier to use. Are you thinking about to use this tool? Okay, you can try. Let see what the next tool is.

Blur Tool

          This is an interesting tool to use. It is at the above of the pen tool. This tool can blur your photo. It is a flexible option. One can make his image blur completely or partially. It is totally under the control of the users. There is option to modify the blur opacity.

          With the help of selection tool it is also possible to blur specific portion easily. Hey, readers are you a DSLR lover? With this you can add a DSLR effect in your photo. That seems to be great.


          After the blur tool here comes the gradient option. It has a rectangular type icon. From this icon one can control the gradient value of a picture. In easy words gradient means the multivariable derivative. So, this is a great option to enhance creativity of a photo. From the color gradient tool you can choose the color according to your desire.

So, this is a very useful option to use. But what’s your opinion about the next one?


          This is another important tool of adobe Photoshop toolbar. You cannot avoid this tool. At the time of altering image we make lots of mistake or unexpected move sometimes. This becomes an irritating fact in many occasions. Eraser gives you the option to fix your mistake. One ought to use this feature. This is equally important for both newbie and professional.

Cause, no one can make the image perfection in the first try. Eraser is so effective at this point. With the help of eraser tools one can afford to do some mistake and then fix it.  So, this is one of the most important tools to have.

History Brush

          Just above in the eraser button there is a history tool. It is one kind of drawing tool though. By its name you can guess that it is one kind of history tool. With this tool one can undo or redo his editing work. It happens that we are not pleasant enough with our editing effort. We want to go few steps back or move forward again. This tool gives us the option.

Undo and redo also can be performed via CTRL+Z. But this brush has advantage though.

Clone Stump

          At the top of the history button there is a clone tool. It is called clone stamp. It is really an interesting and useful app. With this awesome tool one can clone his specific portion of an image to another part. By this tool one can fix any damaged portion by selecting similar kind of parts. It is a useful option to use for photo restoration.

          For choosing the preferred portion one need to press the ALT and click on your expected area. Then release your ALT button and start your cloning stuff happily.


          Above in the clone stump tool there is a brush type icon is available. It is one of the most important tools Photoshop. It is one kind of drawing tool. With this brush tool anyone can draw line or graph in his picture. This is really a flexible tool to use. There are lots of customizable options. One can change the brush size, line type and drawing line color.

          It displays with a brush type tools.  Do you want to add line or graph in your photo? What is the delay then? Use the brush tool right now. If your intention is to draw line or any kinds of object don’t hesitate to use brush tool.  Now move to the next tool of Adobe Photoshop Toolbar.

Healing Brush

          It is always fun to use for healing brush especially for reducing unwanted spot. There are two types of healing brush in Photoshop. One is spot healing tool and another one is normal healing brush. It reduces our effort for fixing some unexpected marks or error.

          This tool can also be called as repairing brush. With the spot healing tool one can fix his photo spot. This is used both for editing modeling photo and photo restoration.

          You can erase different types mark from his photo like tattoo, dark spot, acne spot etc. This tool is much popular in restoring old photo. Broken photo can also be fixed with this technique. Spot healing brush can help you directly to repair the spots.

One needs to select the specific portion when it is about normal healing brush. For bringing more flexibility in their pic one can change the opacity and hardness of the brush.

Don’t forget to reduce the brush size when you are working with a small portion.

Eye Dropper

          At the top of the heeling brush, here comes the eye dropper tool. It is one kinds of measuring tool actually. It is a proven handy tool of Photoshop. With this tool you can pick color for your picture or make any kind of measurement because this comes with ruler too.

          While you are altering an image, you need to make sure that you are using the proper color. Selecting the color manually is not a wise option neither the right way to approach. Instead of this, you can use this tool to choose the perfect color. At this point click on eye dropper and click on the color shade. Place your cursor in the color that you want to pick and make a click. That’s it buddy. Your job is done. You can notice that you have selected your desired color.

          Isn’t it simple and great? It has several measuring tool too like count, ruler.

Cropping Tool

          Above of the eye dropper there is a cropping tool. It comes with a rectangular shape icon. In most of the cases we need to set the image dimension according to our need. Even we just want to keep some specific portion. Photo cropping gives you the ability to access all of these.

          So, there is no necessity to describe its greatness.  One can also make his image rotated from this option. There are four types of cropping option in Photoshop. Those are crop, perspective crop, and slice and slice select.

So, it is a must applicable feature to all Photoshop users. This tool is available almost in every adobe editor like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop cc etc. Let move to the next one.

Lasso Tool

          After the cropping tool it is the time to introduce with the lasso tool. Basically, it is one kind of selection tool. You can select any object with a round like shape. This tool automatically filled its shape when you don’t complete a circle.

          So, use the tool wisely. This is nice to ensure that you have exactly on the same point from where you have started.

Rectangular marque

          This is another convenient selection tool. Its motive is similar like lasso tool. The main difference is in the shape. Lasso tool provided a round type shape. But rectangular tool comes with a rectangular shape.

          This is the most convenient way to use for rectangular shape object. You can’t get anything better than that at this point.

Moving tool

          This is the last tool in our today’s topic about Photoshop tools and their functions. I hope most of all has got the idea about this tool. It does the moving operation. You just can’t avoid this tool. This is tool is like a chain. That is connected with other tools too. Like lasso tool and rectangular tool is incomplete without moving tool. On the other site, When you zoom a picture deeply moving tool is used to view the other portion of the picture.

At this point, we are at the bottom end of our today’s article. We have discussed about all types of tools in Photoshop. Now you have a clear idea about Photoshop tools. Hope it was a helpful article for you.

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