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Amazon Image Size Requirements #9 Tips With Image

Hello there, hope you are doing great. 

Nowadays, Amazon is one of the most recognized E-commerce websites in the world. In the USA, more than 150 million users are using Amazon App. Isn’t it a great number? However, do you what matters most in Amazon? I think it’s none other than the Product’s Photo. 

It is important that the viewers should see Amazon Product’s Picture in an appropriate dimension. That’s why we should know Amazon Products Photo Size. 

Mmm, let me guess something about you. I think you are connected with Amazon. But you don’t have proper knowledge about Amazon Image Size. If you are connected with Amazon, you ought to know about Amazon’s image size requirements. Whether you are an Amazon Seller or Affiliate Marketer, you should learn it. 

Want to know about Amazon image requirements in Details? Relax, you have arrived at the right page. In this article, you are going to get detailed information about Amazon Photo Size Requirements. 

amazon image size requirements

Including Supported Format, Dimension, Image Size, you are about to learn everything. 

Best amazon image size requriements optimization tips & tricks

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Feeling animated about the article? Let’s get started. 

Technical Requirements for Amazon Product’s Image

At first, I would like to inform you about the technical requirements. 

Supported Format 

Amazon gives you several options at this point. You can set the file formats in three types: 

  • TIFF
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG 

Normally, you can upload images in these formats. All of the formats are supported in Amazon. 

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Amazon Image Size (Pixel Dimensions) 

Many people are confused about the product dimensions amazon format. The image should be a minimum of 1000 pixels. You can also increase the pixel in width or height. But, never decrease it under 1000 pixels.

Experts suggest using 2560 Pixels.  

Color Mode

You can use two types of color mode for the Products Image. These modes are: 

  1. sRGB
  2. CMYK

File Name

Do you know how to write the product’s name in the correct format? Permit me to show you. 

You should mention Products Identifier in the name like Amazon ASIN, ISBN Number, EAN, JAN, & UPC. Don’t forget to use the supported file extensions. 

 Keep mind that you should not use any special characters, spaces in the product’s name. If you do that, your products might not be visible online. 

Many customers complain that their images not showing in Amazon. It can be the cause of the problem. I hope you won’t do the same mistake. 

Amazon Image Size Requirements for Frame

There are some people who fill only 70% to 80% of the frame with the product image. Don’t do that mistake. Your product should fill a minimum of 85% of the image. 

N: B: For the products like Books, DVDs, Video, Music have to full 100% of the picture frame. Any kinds of stickers, Promotional Tags, cellophane are prohibited for these products. 

Other Requirements

Don’t Crop the Image

You should not use any cropped image of your products. Amazon Image Size requirements don’t allow any cropped or closely taken image. Keep a moderate distance at the time of capturing the Photo. Don’t shake the camera at the time of shaking. It will make your object blurry. That’s not recommended. Also, remember that your object should photograph professionally.

Avoid Additional Object

Amazon strongly suggests not to use any kind of additional object in the main image. Additional things like watermark, extra objects, texts are not allowed in the picture. You should also ensure that your full product is visible in the picture. If you are showing your product partially, it won’t get approval on Amazon.

Use White Background

The background is a key factor here. If you do all other things perfectly but make mistake in choosing the background, your products won’t appear live. Let’s see what Amazon recommends for the background. 

Amazon Site Standards for Product Images suggest using a pure white background for the product’s photo. Are you feeling concerned about getting a pure white background? You can take our background removal service to get a pure white background. 

Don’t Use Mannequin

In Clothing Business, mannequin is a popular way to showcase products and dresses. But Amazon is a different platform. Amazon doesn’t allow us to use mannequin with the product’s Photo. Then how to display clothing items? 

You can take ghost mannequin service. That’s a better idea. 

Avoid pornographic Materials

Amazon is very strict about it. Never use any kind of pornographic material in the Amazon Product Photo. Otherwise, you may face the problem like products not showing in Amazon. 

Amazon Swatch Image Requirements

There are many people who are confused about amazon’s swatch image size and requirements. Are you also one of them? Permit me to narrate it for you.

Swatch Images are displayed for child products on the product details page. The Thumbnail size of the swatch image in 30 by 30 px. 

The advantage of using a swatch image is it helps the viewers to get detailed information. If swatch Image is Available with your product, set the thumbnail 30 x 30 pixels. Otherwise, it won’t display properly. 

Use Photos from Different Angle

Amazon allows you to use up to 9 images per product. Just grab that chance. Some sellers use only two or three photos per product. Don’t follow them. You should use at least seven photos. No, this is not a mandatory amazon image size requirement. But, to get a better result you should follow this. Don’t stick with a particular angle. Present your products from different angles and views. 

It will give a more detailed view of the product. There is a possibility, it will engage more audiences. 

We are almost at the end of the article. At this stage, you have got all of your answers about Amazon Image Size and picture requirements. Follow these steps to get a good result in your sales. 

If you still have any questions about Amazon Picture Size and requirements, feel free to contact us. You can also get Photo Editing Service from CUT OUT EXPERT. Ask for a quote to get the pricing.  Stay connected with us to get more helpful articles like this. Thanks to all.

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