A Complete Guide To Clipping Path
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A Complete Guide To Clipping Path [Impressive Tips]

At present, many people are showing their interest in Clipping Path. If you are also one of them, this article is especially for you. I am going to provide you a complete guide to clipping path.  By reading this post, you can learn all important things about clipping path. Tutorial of clipping Path is also included in this post. So, this is going to be an important article if you are willing to this method.


At first, it’s better to know what is clipping path. Clipping Path is one kinds of image editing service used for separating elements from the picture. It is related with creating vector path around the object that someone is looking to isolate.

Use of Clipping Path

This image altering method is mainly use for e-commerce business. Amazon and E-bay are two great platforms for using this service to upload photo. In easy words, when your objective is to highlight any specific item you can choose it.

How to make a Clipping Path?

For making a clipping path you have to use a photo editing software. Basically, Adobe Photoshop is being used most for this operation. Beside this some people also use InDesign, Affinity photo, Acorn for creating it. My recommendation at this point is to use Adobe Photoshop.

How to create a complete guide to clipping path in Photoshop?

As I said before I am going to show you the process of creating clipping path in Photoshop in some easy steps. To perform this, you have to select the object with Photoshop pen tool.

01 2

After you have chosen this option from here go to the top in the Pen option and choose Tick on here.

02 1
03 1

Before you start creating path make sure that you have zoom in the picture well enough so that you can select the boundary line with excellence.

04 1

Then you can start your selection procedure. After this, go forward with selection in small line. It will help you to maintain accuracy. Later parts finish the selection exactly in the same point from where you get started. Then make selection and you are about to get a view like this.

05 1

Inspect carefully in which part the background is still appearing inside your selection. This is a horrible mistake that many beginners made. Can you notice in the above picture where we need to make correction?


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06 1

Look in the red mark, the background is still appearing there. So, we need to work on this part. Before you start making selection again, deselect the object first with CTRL & D.

07 1

Look I have selected them. At that point, I think there is nothing in the object that showing the previous background.

08 1

Now you need to choose this option from the below and your created path will turn into selection and it will display a view like this.

09 1

By pressing this quick mask option you will be able to find is there anything without selection.

10 1

Zoom out the picture and notice carefully. It’s looking everything selected properly here. After completing your inspection go back by pressing mask option once again. In this step, you have to make the selection inverse. Cause, object is selected here but we need to remove the background. To do this go to the selection option and followed by Inverse.

11 1

We are almost at the finishing line. Go to the solid color option from adjustment layer.

12 1

After choosing this option you will find a color picking option like this-

13 2

Choose the expected color as you requirement and you will get your desired background. Isn’t it great?

A Complete Guide To Clipping Path
A Complete Guide To Clipping Path

Hope you have enjoyed this article. For further knowledge about this contact us anytime.

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